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Chi likes to be the center of attention.

We’ve known it since she earned “Most Dramatic” in her K-5 class. She was probably the first – and only – recipient of the honor.

Next year, in middle school, she’ll be taking drama class. I can only imagine what will be revealed when she is allowed on stage and given freedom to improve without judgement.

Will she build up her voice?
Find her true passion?
Become a star?

I doubt she’ll determine that acting is not for her. Any child (or adult) who parades purposefully through Wawa in her fancy chapeau and matching sister dress just for acknowledgement of her “fierceness” isn’t going to shy away from the bright glare of spotlights.

My gal’s going to be famous. Mark my words: she’s somebody amazing.

And it makes me proud.

I see her budding into a young lady. She’s developing a confidence in being herself, despite the critics. She’s not afraid to challenge style trends, or to completely abandon them if need be.

I’m envious of her ability to be the girl she truly is.

** texture “daisy” from the Downton II collection by KK at the cafe’

The milkmaid slumbers

*** Shared with KK’s Texture Tuesday, free and easy edition.

Texture Tuesday’s Double Shot

Texture Tuesday with a double dose, the remnants of a fresh sheep sheer aged to satisfaction with KK’s Chase and Oh My textures
I think I discovered what it means to be in sheeps’ clothing… and it’s really not hard to do.

You see, they sheer sheep from tummy to back, tummy to back, so that the entire coat of well-worn wool comes off in a giant sheep cloak. I’d be afraid to put it on immediately, considering the natural lanolin that covers the inner softness of this wardrobe, but it could be neat to parade in after a good washing. Or maybe it’d fall apart at that point? Or maybe I’m just weird to think it’d be fun to throw on a sheep’s clothing and march around? Yeah, it’s the latter. Definately. But… it might be fun even if it is an eccentric activity.

Silly Clowns

Life is sometimes just a little too serious… clownsSo every once in a while, we like to take a break from the sombre mood and enjoy a little clowning around. He’s got jokes, she’s got jokes. And Mama? Well, she’s laughing at her two little clowns and feeling the atmosphere lighten to a much more bearable setting.silly fireman It’s amazing what a little silly can do.

Shared with My3B Sweet Shot Tuesday and Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. Last image uses KK’s “Phoebe” texture as well as “Ugg Love” (twice: once full color and once sepia toned and flipped) and a bit of Pure Photoshop‘s “Pure Haze” action set.

Six Word Fridays: Savings

Been thinkin’ a lot about savings
How the coffer is empty now.
Like always, it seems, we’re overextended.
I’d love to be saving somethin’
for a rainy day… Heck, today!
But “money doesn’t grow on trees,”
And if it does, where’s mine?
Seems I forgot my planting seeds.
Can’t grow – can’t sow – without preparation.
I’ll save what there is abundant:
love; laughter; time (I’ll make it.)
We may not be wealthy folk,
But we’re so richly blessed still.
Covered our seedling hopes with prayer,
and watered them with faith.
In days to come, it’s ample.
(Our harvest? Bountiful .) Save all else –
We’ve got ambition to keep pushin.’
And that’s sometimes all we need.


edited with KK's " Phoebe" texture

Inspired by Six Word Friday‘s “savings”

‘Free & Easy x’s 2’ eDition

Texture Tuesday

The challenge: use two of KK textures with any image

MY Chi

The kids are getting ready to take school photos. I always try to get them nicely groomed before they sit for the quickie picture, but haven’t purchased fall photos in several years. I figure that when they’re both famous, it’s the yearbook pictures that everyone flocks to for display. And we all know that the one time my kid looks a little more unkempt than an active kid ought is the time the photo will be viral. So even though I have no intention of buying anything, I make extra effort to have the kids ready for a close-up. Chi has already picked out a portrait she wants to give out to her friends and we’ve had the photo turned into wallets at my favorite printer. Ya doesn’t share photos yet, but his Daddy wanted pictures for the family, so I picked out a nice portrait we’d done for that.

These pictures, however, were just for fun. Chi was channeling her Star Wars diva and Ya was sporting his first mama-did-it do, and “Iro” (aka frohawk). Ya’s photo was processed with “ugg love” and “start” and Chi’s with “the ladder.”

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