SWF – Grow


Somewhere inside a tiny heart beats
full of promise, an answered prayer.
there’s no telling who it is,
that’s a winter blessing months away.
little worries clench our insecure hearts.
we wait for feeling, we wait.
sugar and spice, snips and snails?
one or two in pink? blue?
(such unimportant musings in His plan)
Just please, Lord, please give health.
names whispered and we weigh their sounds.
I search for meanings beyond each
the elder four share mixed sentiments:
why now, so soon, why another?
the swinging moods of each one
(far more than just mommy-to-be here)
as they imagine life with baby
inside, i think, it listens out
wondering of this family it joins
“I am not an it Mommy…
soon you’ll see I’m growing me.”

[Cinco is making his or her snowflake debut this December, Baby Smith…]

Shared with Six Word Fridays with baby on the brain.

SWF ’12:13 – Return

Pack up the van, we’re off
shake away stubborn, salty sand remains
bid farewell to shore’s crashing waves
wave to swaying palms proudly planted
count your blessings for time away
return to routine and real life…


Six Word Fridays

Six Word Fridays: Savings

Been thinkin’ a lot about savings
How the coffer is empty now.
Like always, it seems, we’re overextended.
I’d love to be saving somethin’
for a rainy day… Heck, today!
But “money doesn’t grow on trees,”
And if it does, where’s mine?
Seems I forgot my planting seeds.
Can’t grow – can’t sow – without preparation.
I’ll save what there is abundant:
love; laughter; time (I’ll make it.)
We may not be wealthy folk,
But we’re so richly blessed still.
Covered our seedling hopes with prayer,
and watered them with faith.
In days to come, it’s ample.
(Our harvest? Bountiful .) Save all else –
We’ve got ambition to keep pushin.’
And that’s sometimes all we need.


edited with KK's " Phoebe" texture

Inspired by Six Word Friday‘s “savings”

Six Word Fridays: Silence

A “psuedo-ku” in the tradition of Sonya Sanchez

Silence is banished, I’ve found Voice
and I shall Scream out louder
than ever before has been heard.

How goes your silence? Share with Six Word Fridays.

Six word Fridays: how to?

saddnessHe sits forlorne in the back
Uncomfortably shifting and wincing in pain
Silently, he bears full force anger
The wrath of father’s failures attack
Pounding his ribs to reduce frustration
In that home once called sweet
He wonders if he should speak
Admit the truths of his wounds
Beyond his body, his soul suffering
Will those he confides in betray?
Told that pain was weakness revealed
And showing outward strength defines man
But the coward he calls father
Has lost that title in rage

No one else has spoken up
Each one fearing the same fury
School becomes the refuge; safe haven
He sits unfocused, pain consumes thoughts
Eyes glaze – tears forbidden their fall
Last week it was facial breakout
Before, a mishappen and overzealous workout
And now no explanation is fabricated…

Still, he sits wincing, and remembering
When parents gave hugs not hits
Missing safety, his childhood abruptly taken —
Becoming a man in vicious brutality
Defining himself by stoicly bucking up
Believing that father’s striking is training
If he holds up, he’s won
But what if it gets worse?
Silently suffering, he considers his options
He struggles, standing, surrenders to hurt…

How do we, his distant teachers
Draw him close, vow to protect
Provide him solace and restore trust?
We must alert the services too,
Confirming our suspicions and sounding alarm.

Seeking to help (in unfamiliar subject)
Did we inadvertently subject him to…


shared with Six Word Fridays

Six Word Fridays: Picking the “pace”

You got this from where? Where?
New York City? That’s no place.
No place for sleeping on dreams.
Pick up the pace. March on.
Reach for the skyscrapers, and further.
Touch the clouds while reaching higher.
Your pace just is not enough.
Prove you are determined. Race on.
We’re not talking about secret sauce.
If you’re hot, it’s not picante.
It’s sheer effort causing that heat.

(for my girl ‘Kea)

shared with Six Word Fridays

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