SHS: Hunting through the archives

I had to look through a few previous month’s images to find these never-before-shared treasures. And though I sort of like fresher images, I’m happy to have stumbled upon these gems hiding in Tetra’s archives.

He must’ve known these big “nerd” glasses would be in style… when he picked them out, no one had them. A few weeks later, however, it seemed like the basketball pros found the trend and exploited it.


More accurately, one really cool button on a crazy hat knitted by my daughter to match the hat I’d made for soon-to-arrive Cinco. Look closely, the button has the neatest natural lines etched in its grain.

At the Corn Maze in the Plains, you have to make your own map as you navigate the twists and turns to strategically placed podiums. Corny Halloween trivia is supposed to help, but sometimes instinct works far better for freedom finding missions.

Favorite Fruit
Even if I don’t like chocolate, I had to appreciate a well dressed strawberry.

Be careful when telling a youngster to stop and smell the roses… with an inhallation like this one, he’ll be breathing in pollen and sneezing for the next several minutes!

SHS: fall splendor

Orange or Pink
I’ll never tire of receiving little floral gifts from my kids. The oft-smelly weeds they thought were flowers are always my favorites, though I also love it when they give more purposely grown petal-perfect finds.

And while I’m sure the planter did not intend for us to pluck from his gardens, no one can deny how heartwarming the sentiment of giving something pretty to someone is – – especially without prompting and without obligation.

The only treasures I shy away from are those that have hidden guests inside them – tiny insects waiting to reveal themselves (often after I’ve set a flower behind my ear).

Faceless Portrait
pumpkin pick
Twenty-one four year olds, two teachers and five parents climbed out of the hay-filled wagon and marched excitedly into the pumpkin patch. Their feet caught on the running vines connecting the sinewy remains of orange splendor that had seen better days. Some struggled to stay upright, others fell as their feet were hopelessly entangled. Their eyes searched each rotund fruit, feet prodded the pumpkins to turn, and the hunt continued as time after time it became clear that bugs had been the first to find the prize. Yuck! Finally, one perfect pumpkin was found. Then another, then another. But the picking was sparse and the crowds of hunters grew larger. She claimed this beauty by darting around Ya, who pouted and whined, “I was supposed to get that one!” before moving away to pursue a larger find.

View from the Top
This just makes me happy… there’s no other explanation. Complete abandon, absolute joy, total freedom.

This picture probably doesn’t scream “cozy” – there’s a bit of aggression in this moment, I suppose. And yet, I cherish what it shows about the bond my kids have developed.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll get to enjoy moments like this one between Ya and Chi. Growing up seems to hinder random acts (or attacts) of affection.

I hope they’ll always know there’s nothing wrong with hugging, or even the occassional kiss.

I still enjoy holding my mom’s hand when we go out shopping. Still savor the seconds of a hug from my father or brothers. And I welcome the timid goodnight pat on the back from my quickly maturing teenager who still isn’t quite certain how much is too much with this blended-family thing.

The kernels are packed tightly together. The colors of fall reflect in each stacked cob. Maize sure is a fascinating plant.

Fall scavenging

It’s been forever since I’ve linked to any photo or writing group online! Despite the hiatus, I’m still out here, still shooting, still blogging. And I’m making a return to one of my favorite link-ups this week, Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
Hubs and I had the opportunity to document the end of our friends’ pregnancy a few weeks ago. It’s quite the honor to be able to capture ‘Kea in the weeks before her Lili is born – before Ya’s womb-mate Jack meets his sister. She was absolutely stunning in her pictures, but some of my favorite from the day are of she and Mike trying (and failing) to pose together. These middle school sweethearts turned five-year veterans of marriage are a pretty good example of commitment and faithfulness.

Water Drops
My suburban boy and his city-raised brother milked a “cow” today. Well, it wasn’t really a cow, as much as it was a wooden statue in a bovine form. And the liquid wasn’t really milk, it was water that shot out from the swollen pink utter-things. Far more humane than hundreds of eager hands tugging at a real, live cow as they practice their skills as farm hands, right?

Then and Now
Three years, two days, and a million+ memories separate these two photos. Then, 2009, Ya was only a year old, was newly walking, believed everything edible, and mimicked words. He was still very much our “baby.” Now, 2012, Ya is four and is completely his own person. The only mimicking he does is in jest, he never really walks anywhere (he runs, jumps, bounds), he speaks his mind and is always thinking, and though he eats all the time, he’s more selective.

One Item from the Fall Bucket List: Go to a theme park or fair
We started at a Pumpkin Palooza. It was a little less than expected. So, we packed into the van and ventured to The Plains for a little maize fun. Armed with crayons and trivia, we set out to navigate through the corn maze “Witch Way Is Out.” I suppose hubs proved men navigate pretty well, because we didn’t have to cheat our way out like we did back in 2009 on our first effort.

There was quite a bit to do at the small attraction: pumpkin flinging, hay ride, obstacle course, slides, rolling tubes, petting zoo, and opportunity to select a pumpkin. We left fulfilled and tired.


We found five of the six podiums to complete our souvenir map rubbings… and I determined my daughter is in serious need of a manicure.

It’s been a long time, since I left you

Ramblings and Photos

Months have passed, and I’ve not done much more than stare at the inspired images of other people’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday efforts. Blame it on being a newlywed, or a new mother to four (rather than two) kids, or, as is the more popular choice, blame it on the newness of this great expectation that will premiere in late November/early December. But alas, I am trying to be back even if only for the moment…

Sunset (Paper Heart Camera Theme)

From our “honeymoon with children” at Myrtle Beach, where we found the beach to be our own paradise as the sun began to set each night.


Grigio makes an occasional appearance here. With a desire to smile, a craving for cuddling, and an affinity for bouncing (kind of like Tigger, I suppose), he’s probably as cute as they come. At least that’s what we think. I also thought about sweets for this one… and have made the candy trip to satisfy that photographic urge.

Hanging Around

Funny Face

She’s becoming a pretty serious swimmer… but how she holds her concentration never fails to elicit laughs.

And since I live with several slightly-caricatured family members, thought I’d share a glimpse into our crew’s real personalities.


In the space of a few seconds, she cuts through the air. Gravity pulls her deep into the blue waters, but she feels weightless as she travels. It’s interesting to see her continued carefree explorations into swimming while I sit stuck on the water’s edge (incapable of swimming, unable to experience such freedom).

Scavenging through

I inadvertently parted ways with Cam this past week due to an unfortunate lapse of memory of where I’d hidden him for “safe keeping.” I missed him terribly and countless times I thought “that’d make a great picture” and the Droid just couldn’t due capturing it justice. So for the hunt this week I thought I’d return to my late fall photos and polish those I loved but just hadn’t shared.

Mainly One Color
monotone man

Around the Home

tea time

edited using KK's "fall in" and "phoebe" textures

I wish my home were elegant – – a place where steaming drinks are served in dainty China tea cups from a matching pot. But alas, I’ve yet to get a tea set of my own and those I’ve ogled over were a little too fancy for my wallet. This little gem was part of my great grandmother’s China set passed down to my mother.

reflected sculpt
Before Chi decided there was far too much nudity in the National Art Gallery, she posed with a few statues. She has since deemed the collections obscene and has vowed never to return.

laura's self portrait
This isn’t quite writing, but I’d not shown off Chi’s portrait project. She had to apply with a portfolio to join art club this year, which was converted to “by invitation only” to ensure serious artists were members. It took awhile for Chi to get to this point in her efforts. Initially, she’d quickly drafted a figure that bore little resemblance to her and certainly didn’t display her true talent as an artist. I insisted she work from a photo and the resulting portrait was pretty spectacular.

silouhette deep

I miss having time to shoot. My daily walks with Ya were incredibly fulfilling. Darkness, however, is working against me. And weekends are filled with family outings, cooking at home, and other activities that have kept me away from photography. This will change, I assure you, from here on out. Photography is my relief, my outlet, my passion.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: hot thing

floral burst
Something about this burst of blooms seemed to beckon for an “abstract” label.
abstracted sun
And I love the vibrancy of this macro, it’d like an abstract sun.
lawn charm And this? Well, aside from loving the assortment of lawn spikes, the globe has a fantastically abstract swirl.

JD's wheelin
Isn’t he just the cutest? A super sized fire truck tire made for an excellent toy in the station. Climb inside and wait for a little push and… you’re rollin’ now.

fire burger
There is nothing, nothing like a flame broiled burger. And my mama is the Burger Queen, for real.

Seeing Faces in Strange Places
Me. I’m making a personal note to try this again with a globe that doesn’t have water splotches all over it.

I thought I’d go literal first – it’s “literally a star,” as Chi would likely say. Does it seem a little early to be setting up Christmas decorations? The stores don’t wait until mid Autumn anymore.
belt test (101311)
And here’s my star just before testing for her Green Belt in TaeKwonDo. She did fabulous and will get the new rank on Friday. {Mommy’s proud!}

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