Halloween 2016 – Zombie to Death

img1928-copy img1930-copy img1941-copy img1932-copy img1912-copy Our we’re running late and have five minutes for a costume look was this zombie kid.  It was a good look for the Stonebridge Halloween celebration.

Halloween 2016 – Dr. Brain Zombie


Ri’s costume was a combination of new finds and old imagination play things.  She said she wanted her face make up as a zombie – the first time she’s ever sat for face design of any kind.The makeup was supposed to be an extension of her supersized brain, but she liked the iridescent blue and wasn’t interested in the veins to sell her look. img1922-copy

By the time we got to Halloween ,  she’d decided on “kitty” make up and discarded the brain. The lab coat stayed on.

I called her “confusion.”  She walked door to door with a lunch box saying “TWICK OR TWEET” and other variations of the candy collecting phrase. She was adamant that her candy be deposited in that small box, even though it was full by the midway point around the neighborhood.

One thing was certain: despite the variety of costumed kids she passed, she was unafraid.

Halloween 2016 – Purple Minion


 Diva decided to be practical this Halloween. After a discouraging perusal of Spirit Halloween’s $40-50 costumes, she was about to call it quits.  At 13, she is starting to feel “too old” to dress up and enjoy the fantasy that is Halloween. But then, she had an idea: become an “evil” purple minion.

Purple shirt? Already own one.  Jeans? We need a new pair anyway, so let’s get a good fitting set now.  And she’s still holding my Dollar Tree clown glasses (with lenses popped out) hostage since she was Arthur for Spirit Week.  Lest we forget that Ri got an official pair of Minion specs during a store tantrum more than a year ago.  

Finally, the suspenders – purchased new with an assurance that she’d be able to use them in several future costumes, too. Oh, wait.  The purple crazy hair headband… it completed the look, though she prefered spraying her hair with temporary purple color.

Wanted, too.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith take on the Joker and Harley Quinn

IMG5564 copy IMG5572 copy IMG5589 copy
IMG5578 copy IMG5585 copy

Gotham City’s Most Wanted 2015

IMG5319 copy

IMG5220 copy

Poison IvyIMG5247 copy

Joker BabyIMG5303 copy

E. Nigma

IMG5278 copy IMG5310 copy IMG5265 copy
IMG5339 copy IMG5336 copy IMG5329 copy

IMG5271 copy

Who says we can’t play dress up a while longer?

Ya insisted on getting his Power Ranger costume when he saw it in the store. I was surprised he was familiar with the show, as it was never one of my favorites when it first aired and I didn’t think it’d made much of a comeback with re-airing. This was his chosen costume for candy collecting (though the mask accompanying the costume was not ideal).

We went out today for an impromptu short photo shoot of Ya’s runner-up costume. Oma found it at the thrift store and immediately thought it’d make a great prop. It was perfect! Jumping right into character, my little lion was full of roars and ferocity.

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