Finally, a snow day happened for me!

Slush, ice, water. No complaints. It earned us a few early-announced snow days.

King of improvisation determined that our snow was merely colder water and thus he could boogie board down the hill.  Aside from a few steering issues, it wasn’t a bad idea at all.

Ri latched on to these neighbors… she liked the friendliness and loved that they willingly shared rides on their double sled.  The girls’ dad stood guard to protect them from the briar pricklies at the end of the run.

Chi discovered in her single run on the big sled that steering was not an easy task. She also figure out that the heavier rider should ride in the rear.

Back to the library

Early morning trips to the Bull Run library are always nice – – especially when the whole children’s space clears out for story time and “reading with dogs.”  Call me selfish, but I love having the whole area to ourselves.


Superbowl Sunday


Final score?  Altanta Falcons fall to New England Patriots in overtime, 28 to 34.  Ya was not happy, as he’s a former Falcon.

Winter time runner

In the rain, in the cold, running, running, she will go.

Giving it all…

Track meet: It hit 74 today, but in the winds, you couldn’t tell. My girl likes her running shorts no matter how cold


Sunday at Chinn

To remember:

For nearly 45 minutes you played with these balls, animating each while providing it with a unique voice and personality. The balls held conversations, began an adventure, and enjoyed being together.

We’ll try to forget how you pushed at your brother when he tried to join your play, and the evil eye you shot at the little boy who took interest in one of the wire tracks opposite you.

Ya found an illustrated book on JFK.  He was most interested in the page with him playing football in the leather helmet.  “How could that possibly help you when you hit your head?” he mused.

Ri seemed to find all the books that matched movies and TV shows, but mean Mommy refused to check any of those out.  Daddy didn’t want any more animal books, but they seem to be the most abundant on the shelves.  I was surprised to find that every featured book atop the shelves was about snow or penguins, until Chi pointed out the winter connection.  Duh!

Friday’s book reading: The Everything Machine {by Matt Novak}. Awesome storyline with images that were easily readable.

Yesterday’s book reading: Butterflies for Kirin {by Cathryn Falwell} had a great concept and lovely art, but the story didn’t grab Ri’s attention at all. Monster Needs A Party {written by Paul Czajak and illustrated by Wendy Grieb} featured lively images reminiscent of animation and a rhymed story that was fun to read.  We’ll definitely read this again.

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