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cell fascination

They’re over Angry Birds (which I hear has a movie or series coming out).  And Yumsters only seemed to appeal to Mommy.  Now it’s Hungry Shark or Blast Monkey that has them transfixed. 

IntensityGame On!

And the gloves?  Well, they haven’t left her hands since Saturday… but they’ll be disappearing soon.

Ptych, ptych, ptych

Di, tri, and tetra that is. 
Or, perhaps, I’ll just go with polyptychs.

I’m playing with photo groupings and am completely in love with these story board style compilations.  While I firmly believe that a picture is worth 10k Words (hence the name of my photography business – which exaggerates the advertising slogan), there is something powerful in crafting photo essays.  I hardly even need to add the captions, except that I like words too much to leave them out.

5.7 VARF contemplating

The one solo shot of the bunch. Ya wasn’t sure he was going to enjoy the day at the VARF. So he played shy and lazy, opting to hang out in his stroller with the sun shade pulled down to conceal him.  It didn’t take long, though, for him to decide the Faire was a pretty cool place to be seen.

Ren' blocker
Ren' blocker, too

And in the Poppet’s Playground, Ya discovered that building castle towers (while humoring Mommy with a period cap on his head) was almost as fun as knocking them down.


OOH!  Gravel walkways are awesome for rock hunting.  Or maybe it’s not a hunt when the ground is covered in them?  And what better way to avoid posing for a portrait than by wielding a rock and threatening to throw and flee?

[And yes, I’m still going through our Renaissance Faire photos and realizing that I cannot spell that blasted word consistently.]

Black and White Wednesday @ The Long Road to China (and back)

B&WW: Field of Joy

I decided to waste a little time in a field down the road from Chi’s TKD class.  I saw the empty space filled with wildflowers and overgrown, untamed grasses and thought it undiscovered bliss.  There are so few places like this one in our community now.

5.16 (fall)5.16(race)
5.16 (chase)

Obviously I’ve trained my babies right, because they took one look at that wide open space and were in love.  The kind of love that is fierce and clingy: “Mom, let’s go to that field again.”

5.16(race b&w)

“Mom, when’s the next time we can go to that place?”

5.16.11 siblings
5.16(64)5.16(90)5.16(get her)5.16(run)

“Mom, I want to go over by Uncle Art’s gym, you know, the grass?”

5.16 (sadness)

“Mom, can we go look at the flowers?”

flower pickin


back rider
It really is the simple things, the carefree times, that mean the most.

B&W little Colonial man

No long post this morning.  It’s dreary outside and I’m sleepier than anyone ever should be.  What a combination, huh?

I’m almost finished reliving our brief Williamsburg vacation through photos.  Almost, because there are a lot of clicks that hoped to become photographic magic, but they lost their lustre between sight and snap. 
bucket B&w4.18(356)
4.18 (cards)B&W
Ya liked wearing his Colonial cap for the day.  I was shocked and stoked at the same time.  He never humors my desires to get him into a head covering of any kind (unless it’s raining, then he’s adamantly proclaiming that he must have his hood up). 

At the plantation, he tried to lug a water bucket to the well.  I swear it weighed no less than 20 pounds without water. Ugggh.  And I’ve no idea what that block he’s leaning on really is, though I suspect it’s the precursor to a hammer used to split wood (in conjunction with a metal sliver).  And all work and no play is no fun, so he spent a little time playing his hand.

the book for Chi…

This evening, Chi opened up her Bible.
She flipped to a section of Psalms I had earmarked for no particular reason.


And she read aloud.
Her words grew more fluid with each verse.


It was

I am blessed.

She enjoyed reading.  She plans to read to me tomorrow.  I think I’ll like this new ritual.

B&W, not quite…

I had a few minutes this evening to experiment with a snapshot I took this past weekend.  It’s a pretty simple picture. Composed okay, no fancy or ethereal background, no wow factor.  There’s no awesome eye contact, no wide, welcoming smile, and no “take my picture” worthy expression.  And yet, I liked the shot as a foundation.

I played.
I overlayed.
I textured.
Then I erased.
And tried again.
And again.
And yet again.
And then…

February Flashback

My one regret?  Somehow when I was cropping, I didn’t check the resolution (default is 72 dpi, 66×44″).  With my crop, the largest 300 pixel image I can print is 6×9.

I want to cry.

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