Almost 365: week eighteen

April 30 – May 6
5 5 13

5 5 13~

5 6 13

Almost 365: week seventeen

Spans April 23-29
And this, my friend, is likely where the gaps determine that I am not capable of sustaining a daily photography project. But I can write, paint a picture with my words.

ped crossing
Yesterday, April 24, there was not a single photo taken (save one terrible cell phone image of a comic I’d drawn as example for a student project the kids will do this weekend and another of the kids as ‘peds’). We walked home from the rental place, electing to feel the warm air across our faces as we strolled the mile distance to our house on this mild spring day. It was a pretty good idea – skipping the offers for rides – except that there is little pedestrian access across the bridge over 95. Cars drive too fast (I’m guilty) and too close to the white lines protecting us from them.

As Ya said, “You tricked us mom. This is no fun. No fun at all.” We’re not big fans of playing a real-life human game of Frogger. But alas, it gave me a chance to think about life with one vehicle, about the ache in my left arm, about my bank account being $50 lighter through no fault of my own, and about the trouble with everyone trying to get over on someone else.

4 26 13

Almost 365: week sixteen

Spans April 16-22
4 17 13
4 18 13
4 19 13
(Look whose developing a friendship with her feet!)
4 20 13

Almost 365: week fifteen

Spans April 9-15
4 9 13w

4 12 13

YA: You always say don’t talk to strangers. But you do.

ME: That’s for kids. Strangers take kids, though I don’t know why.

Y:Cause we’re cute.

M:Oh really?


4 13 13
I know I determined I would have only black and white in my 365 effort, but sometimes color speaks louder.

4 14 13
4 14 13b

A thought: Accidents weren’t intended to happen, but what if the action causing impact was purposeful? Is it still accidental?

Almost 365 – week fourteen

4 3 13
4 5 13
4 6 13
First time in the bounce and play chair:
4 7 13
4 8 13w

Almost 365: week thirteen

One more from March 25:
3 25 13
And now, this week:
3 26 13
3 27 13
3 28 13
Testing the big brother (eww):
3 29 13
3 30 13

{Ya, on a loan from his Oma} I’m not giving her my money. I hate when people want my money. I’m tired of giving people money.

4 1 13

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