The rift

I stand at the shoreline You sit, discontent in that rickety little boat It rocks, dangerously, at your shifting weight Rippling water currents draw you slowly out Swiftly, you drift further into unknown waters Receding from my vantage point There’s no goodbye, no salutations at all Just a distance increasing I wade in, willing myself […]

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Week 8, DRAW 101

The SMART goal for this week was to continue on the practice of creating value, refining facial features, and improving accuracy. Result     Analysis – a little progress is better than nothing. The quick sketch of my airman is pretty solid, though his eyes are sighted crooked and his face too fat. The work […]

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Week 6, DRAW 101

This weeks SMART goals were twofold. After the difficult first efforts with the pastels in my earthtone assignment, I thought I’d practice layering color. I used pastel pencils, but am finding that they are too compressed and the hard points do not lay well on smooth paper. The pastel nubs and nupastels lay better, but […]

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Tablet talent


Within a half hour, the teen had figured out the drawing tablet. And rather than start with something simple, she finds a portrait of Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd and sets to very tedious and detailed work. If ever I need an example of self motivation, she is it.

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Week 5, DRAW 101

img034 copy

I’ve been a bit stuck on my Cleopatra… it’s such an interesting sketch by Michelangelo, that I wanted to finish it even though our master’s week was complete.   I soften my crosshatching and intensified a few areas to improve the illusion of volume.  I’m pretty happy with her hair, as it actually appears to […]

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Week 4, DRAW 101

img002 web

Following a week of copying a “Master work,” I decided that grids were awesome… This week’s SMART goals as explicit as possible: Specific : to practice using mark making to accurately render ranges of value.  to use a grid to duplicate work with attention to proportion. Measurable : the images created will show accurate application […]

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