Halloween 2016 – Zombie to Death


 Our we’re running late and have five minutes for a costume look was this zombie kid.  It was a good look for the Stonebridge Halloween celebration.

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Halloween 2016 – Dr. Brain Zombie


  Ri’s costume was a combination of new finds and old imagination play things.  She said she wanted her face make up as a zombie – the first time she’s ever sat for face design of any kind.   The make up was supposed to be an extension of her supersized brain, but she liked the […]

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Halloween 2016 – Purple Minion


   Diva decided to be practical this Halloween. After a discouraging perusal of Spirit Halloween’s $40-50 costumes, she was about to call it quits.  At 13, she is starting to feel “too old” to dress up and enjoy the fantasy that is Halloween. But then, she had an idea: become an “evil” purple minion. Purple […]

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At the library

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Morning lessons at school 

She sits in the corner, staring at the toys.  Her classmates are where they’re supposed to be — sitting on the mat. The older kids are answering a deluge of questions about Moses. And though she’s part of the older group, she ignores them. “Mommy,  I want picture…” I have to wonder if this is […]

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“I Hate School” Part I

These were the words I dreaded hearing from my youngest son. And yet, that’s exactly how he feels about his third grade class. Since September 26 – – nineteen days into this school year – – my child has been isolated from his peers.  Through a series of rearrangements to find the optimum classroom temperament, […]

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