Snow day for five

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We ordered up a little snow for the five to enjoy.  It started early,  while I sat scrutinizing my peacock painting at Cheers. First, it looked pretty sparse, just a few flakes wafting through the air before settling and melting. But then, they came faster and began to stick. Suddenly, there was a blanket of […]

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The parting of the sea

I remember it clearly: Mel handed my mom a box on Christmas morning. Tav and she were “making rounds” to their list of must appear on holidays folk. Mom opened her box with a mixture of trepidation and excitement – the kind that comes from not knowing what natural reaction will read on her face […]

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I shot her…

w IMG0610

And it felt good. You see, RiAnne and I were given the opportunity to work with an online vendor who sells beautiful pieces at reasonable prices. And because she trusted us, we really wanted to give her our best. But Ri and headbands don’t always agree. This time, though, she really worked with me and […]

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SWF: Enough

Enough. Six letters proclaiming it’s over. Stop the fighting, stop the whining. There’s nothing left to see here. Fed up, filled up to breaking. It’s not in you to quit? There’s no saving this here thing. Call a truce, a cease fire. Enough is enough, it’s over now.

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2015: 1 COLD

w IMG0394

Late start, again… Here’s my Project 52 humble beginning.

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That’s one handsome hubs

w IMG0075

Yes, he’s mine.

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