Love me when it hurts

“If we really want this thing to work we gotta go to war….” Avant, ‘When It Hurts ‘ I better start asking “will you love me when it hurts,” because it’s hurting more and more. This blended family thing is an experiment in futility ; or at least it seems so sometimes. Inevitably,  no matter […]

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Pull out

It’s been hard to write lately; not because I’m uninspired,  but because I worry who might hold my thoughts expressed against me.  I’ve learned I’m not liked by some – and the dislike is so intense that it’s vicious and overwhelming. I’m reminded often that impressions (however false) are made quickly and they don’t dispell. […]

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The mermaid


Cerulean shimmers amidst shocked white spray Undulating, stirring the constant changing tides The crash of salt and sea Rocks jutting just above scream “halt!” She baths atop this surfaced throne Watching the waves churn about her Head turning heaven-ward, she is still Sunkissed skin merges with iridescent drops Whilst pearls and shells modestly adorn *inspired […]

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Land! Treasure! And a message in the bottle

pirate 2

I’ve been planning this session in my head for quite some time: a pirate ship, a few swarthy crew members, a beach.  I pictured my kid-version of Captain Jack Sparrow coming to life in front of my camera lens. I ordered a boat. When it arrived in the little box, I told hubs he’d have […]

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This is childhood


Explore. Discover. Play. RiAnne, 18 months.

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Suave, rising sophomore


This summer begins in a mere 15 days. Fifteen! It’s hard to believe I’m wrapping up another year of teaching – – even harder to realize that my children have reached new milestones in their educational journeys. And hubs just survived a year as our “daytime caregiver,” rearranging his work schedule to ensure our very […]

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