a place called home


If I were Dorothy, I’d click my heels and recite “there’s no place…” But I’m Rachelle: homeless, wandering, in search of something… more. I miss knowing who I am and what I aspired to become. There’s no map for directions (I probably couldn’t navigate it, anyway) There are days when I feel like stopping, just […]

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They say that who you’re attracted to is a matter of personal preference. .. at least I think that’s what they say. But then I don’t know this they, I only know us. And I’m worried that we don’t seem to love us enough to be attracted to our own. Don’t misunderstand, here. I’m not […]

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Her song


“Hap bir to you,” she croons Smiling with delight at her song. It’s no one’s birthday today, yet She happily shares her sweet serenade. It’s one of the few things We’ve come to expect from this Our near-mute fifth little miniature fusion. Comprehension has never been her problem, But her philosophy, seemingly, is silence. Perhaps, […]

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Grandma’s gift

Begin: When I was first married, We didn’t have much money then. I kept a corner store account With the owner and paid weekly. Counting coins was my daily task – Stretching funds we didn’t yet have. She recounted budgeting – house wife’s work. Scrubbing and polishing ancient furnishings new. Saving remnants of things children […]

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Mirror, mirror


Shiny, it stands affixed before me Staring in silence, watching the house I draw closer, my image mimics My reflection is weary, is tired Lines feather out from drooping eyes In corners, crooked path awaiting tears Speckles of injury dot high cheeks Chins hug one another, seek attention Hair frizzies edge a creased forehead I […]

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drops of red

Just after school let out for the summer, I found myself sitting in my van. The light was red and the van idled. The sun was an eerie blaze ahead of me – one of those just before sunset glares.  There I was, suddenly unhappy.  I gripped the steering wheel and studied my wrists; And […]

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