On the road

Riding down the highway in Daddy’s Cadi. Ri looks up at the clouds through the sunroof, watching them blow into recognizable formations and transforming moments later into something new.   Chi sits shut away from us, headphones entertaining her as she clutches her phone and plays personal deejay.  Ya is already sleep, resting his head […]

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Big girl

Currently: wet and unhealthy. A bad combination.  I’ve walked more in these 5 days than the entirety of my summer break. No excuses, I have an excess of my entity that must be eliminated.  So here I am. Staring at the image of myself in this supersized wall mirror. Watching the calories  burned tick upwards […]

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100 percent chance of rain

The sky lights up a haunting orange for several seconds, then the color pales to an eerie peach. Fog hangs over the tall, illuminated buildings, holding them so tight in places that they disappear in the grasp. A steady tap teases the windows of our hotel room. Thunder claps chase the lightening. The heat of […]

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Popcorn run

The buttery smell of fresh popped pop corn calls me. No, I can’t really smell it from my fourth floor room, but I know it is there waiting.  If I meander through the twisting hallway, past the pale yellow walls and green and golden rugs, past the exposed brick and plaster, past the marble tables […]

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Bourbon, anyone?

Walked down the notorious Bourbon St… The street itself is closed. Black construction drapes shield us from the activity behind it. Walk too fast, and risk stumbling on loose rock sidewalk or sandbags.  Walk too slow, and be lured in by bikini clad strippers and bored, juggling bartenders. Sign flippers twirl their advertising a little […]

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Jackson Square

In the paths around Jackson Square, an eclectic group of clairvoyants have set up their tables. Placards: “Fortunes! Palms read for your future.”  Life foretold for a few dollars.  Some have Tarot cards, skeleton-like figurines, totums.  The empty chair of one soothsayer drew me closure — perhaps it was the Crystal ball next to the […]

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