Interpreting color intent


This was an assigned discussion for my second design class, Color Theory.  The goal was to find 5 images with “interesting use of color,” and to interpret how the colors help to convey the message or add emphasis to the work. My concentration at SCAD is momentarily Sequential Art, but as that field often overlaps […]

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Color Theory and Design {Spring 2016}

rjonesmith_projE copy

The goal of this course is to understand and use color as part of the artistic process.  How colors are combined, how they are used (saturation, temperature, hue) are critical to the overall appearance of a work. I’m a big fan of color, and like my Mimi, I think I’m pretty good at pairing colors […]

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Two for tulips

IMG0471 copy

The weather man lied again.  I should’ve known when I requested a personal day a week ahead of time that the predictions might be wrong – – that the forecast would change, as it inevitably seems to do whenever I have plans. Maybe Mother Nature has it out for me?  Or, maybe, she has plotted to alter […]

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Waiting too long


I sit on this bench,  looking across at my husband. He’s bound to a fluid IV, pumped up with insulin and morphine. He’s moody – delivering a mixture of frustration, panic and self pity in random sequences. If he sleeps, the monitor beeps; it flashes its red APNEA warning and the oxygen levels countdown to… […]

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The spring quarter is in full swing. I thought I’d had a bad enough time enduring the intense scrutiny of winter session… then I   caught the flu in week one of these classes and quickly discovered that there is no rest for the weary and the critiques in the courses for concentration are hard core […]

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Four down toward forever

On this occasion of our fourth anniversary we’ve much to celebrate despite obstacles and adversity our calendars share several new, significant dates each day marked in memories you can bet our girl’s birth is among the greats have you counted the times you’ve had to “cheese?” photos collected of our daily lives until each child […]

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