Goodnight moon

Late at night. Alone again… unless you count the quiet whistle of snoring Ri as company.  The kids went to bed hours ago. Ya only returned once to declare he could not sleep. I’ve edited my pictures and saved them (though renaming files is harder with the stick of keys after Ri’s accidental coffee dumping […]

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Splat [make up playtime]


According to my teenage students, if something is done well, it’s on fleek. And this Avant Garde make up (Inspired by Glam and Gore on YouTube )is pretty much on point. Yes, my bathroom now has “glitter herpes” from the metallic powders,  but someday it won’t show symptoms of my current makeup obsession. Worth it. […]

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Ri rising

w IMG1332

She lays there, across my bed as though it were hers. Arm above her head, other one tucked under her chin. Legs bent, as though she were racing.  Lips pursed, a tiny break between them. The rhythmic intact of breathe, an occasional rumbling huff, keeps away the quiet. She stretches periodically,  feeling around for contact.  […]

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Villanelle #1

Sentenced to enternal strife. Forever seems so long to be trussed when miserable and bickering. How is this life? Once vowed to be your wife and in you misplaced my trust. Marriage: a sentence to eternal strife. Our love, we’d thought was lasting; rife. now, it’s tarnished. metallic covenant has rust Miserable. Bickering. How – […]

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She holds her tears, does not complain as you treat her with disdain neglecting her to pursue your whims careful, soon what’s left of love will dim once before, you cherished her showed her daily how much she was valued each display of tenderness secured now, like old photo albums, you’ve come unglued pictures – […]

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Setting up the shoot


It dawned on me that I rarely – if ever – have shown the preparations for my planned and plotted concept shoots. In my head, I get this picture of what I’d like to accomplish – of how my finished editorial will look. And then I spend countless hours searching for inexpensive wardrobe pieces and […]

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