Time to apply herself

In 24 hours, the applications for one of the county’s specialty programs will close. The vague online form hardly seems like an adequate assessment tool for determining a child’s scholastic aptitude in these coveted programs.  We are at that moment. Eighth grade, mid year – a nearly 4.0 average, advanced classes, extracurricular activities, a social […]

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Happy 3rd birthday, baby!


Today is your birthday. My sweet spitfire, my mini. “Thank you mom! Kiss. Hug,” you say several times a day. Later, though, I’m reprimanding you for swatting a sibling who refused your whim. Your teachers tell me you are the class protector. You sing all the time. You remind us to pray, frequently saying, “Mom, […]

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Guest Post: I forgive you

Skye is a former student of mine. She’s a writer, a dreamer, a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend.  She’s one I’ll proudly call my J-baby forever. For those who know her, she’s a rainbow in the midst of rain. This is her open letter, a part of her story of personal acceptance, […]

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This moment

Little miss was particularly fussy today. She’s finally sleep, in her usual spot on my bed. She clings to my shirt, drawing little breaths as eyes flutter. Occasionally,  she smiles. She smells faintly of her bubble bath and the distinctive taint of that medicine for the reoccurring ear infection that simply has to go away. […]

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Monkey in the middle

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a series of projects all leading up to a pattern design for my SCAD DESIGN 100 class. Multiple sketches, drafts, reworks and tweaks are expected and encouraged in this course. Nothing is right the first time and the greatest learning comes from failure… or so it […]

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Tonight’s remembering

Where do I begin? I’m sad tonight. I feel a tremendous loss. I’ve no one to talk to, because I’d violate some code of silence cast over us.  Someday, I pray, I’ll understand the why. But tonight? Tonight I grieve. Tonight I wipe the spontaneous tears away and pretend nothing – no one – was […]

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