April Fool

Yesterday, the halo about your head shown gilded and golden sun’s rays gleamed, reflected Today, the orb is gone only dust remains floating above your tarnished frame Jokes on me, I guess Fool no more, I’m prematurely aged wizened to realities of your inadequacies your embrace, no longer heaven’s gate

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Pusherman: the affair

The pusher man comes offering sweets Dreams of pleasure? He makes guarantee. Try this, he coos between kisses. And gives a sample of himself. Like poison, it spreads within her. Traveling through veins with malicious intent. Pusher man’s not a faithful one -gives freely much more than expected. And she, his latest unknown casualty, unable […]

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frozen: our eternal winter

March? Umm…Think you forgot something when you arrived. The kids and I are pretty much done with snow, ice, and freezing rain. We’re thinking about visiting Punxsutawney Phil and pulling him out for a shadow searching redo. Six more weeks of winter? Plubbbbbbggghhhh! If that Pennsylvania critter does this again, he’s gonna disappear from this […]

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It’s saturday. Ri lays beside me, her chest rising and falling as she faintly snores. Ya dances up the stair case whooping and gibbering at his toy of the moment, words indistinguishable from my room. Chi sits at the kitchen table guarding the cooling strawberry cupcakes she’s pressed to devour. Rico putses from kitchen to […]

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To you, edition 5.5


Five years, five months. My sweet kindergarten boy! Years from now you’ll hate that reference, but understand it’s nothing indicative of your machismo. Nope, you are all male, all the time. King of the over talk, you are living up to your name’s meaning: warrior. Sometimes you’re so adamant about making your point – opinion […]

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Where’s the love, Ri?

Ri blue-baby

Every once in a while I find myself perusing the BabyCenter.com e-mails delivered to my inbox. While Ri has long since advanced beyond the weekly milestone reports, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that we’re on the right track in this race to create superior offspring. I don’t know who I’m competing against, and I […]

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