NaNoWriMo #5 (Celebrity)

Zooming down the street, it’s hard to believe he’d even noticed the  25 MPH sign every few blocks. Big ol garbage truck swings side to side as it navigates the neighborhood searching for forest green trash bins. Dangerously, he switches between lanes, oblivious to the direction of traffic. The two collectors jump from opposite sides […]

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NaNoWriMo #3 (Hunger)

Moments after I settle myself onto my bed, he comes in.  “How long was it you were at work? I’ve had to wait like twelve hours to eat!” he exclaimed,  completely exasperated.  He rattles on and on. “Because we haven’t ate for a long time. For breakfast,  we had oatmeal. Then, like three minutes after […]

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NaNoWriMo #2 (Sleep)

Lips part to reveal two tiny gapped teeth. A soft whistle punctuates her sleep, as her chest rythmically rises and falls. Legs crossed at ankles rest against Mommy’s thigh – insurance that she will remain close. Her arms are cast out from her sides, palms up, while fingers touch to form a pinch.  Eyes gently […]

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NaNoWriMo #1… or something (Loner)

I don’t have high hopes of completing this task, but I’m going to aim for a vignette a day and see how it goes. *** She leans against the door, foot resting on the frame, one knee just slightly bent.  Her black leggings are salted with white swirls – never the other way around for […]

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“Learning my camera” – assignment complete

w Collage

I cheated. I’ve skimmed my manual countless times in the five years (or so) that I’ve had cam, so I didn’t want to peruse again. I’ve not gotten any new equipment lately, so there was nothing to fiddle with. Did I mention I don’t like my studio system? Someone, “not me,” broke one of the […]

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Delving into Online Classes: My Daily Digital Images Experience


Week two begins I’m taking an online class. The intention in my enrollment is to fulfill a “teacher recertification” requirement. Yes, I must leave school every day with a bag full of papers needing to be graded and still find time between interactions with my family (and procrastination about aforementioned grading) to take classes. Three […]

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