Sincerely sixteen

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I’m told boys don’t have sweet sixteens. Anything considered sweet is feminine,  and right now there is no place for a heterosexual young man to harbor female traits.  Hubs assures me (repeatedly ) that men, boys, and male babies are never to be referred to as cute, either.  So, I committed a foul when I […]

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I stare at the words on the page Willing them to pause in their dance So I might see what they have to tell me Their movements blur the message I am lost, without translation What secrets am I missing, Bound in black on white page? I strain my eyes, beg them to focus But […]

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Buried alive: the MRI

Before laying down, I’m fitted with a football helmet styled mask over my face, it’s soft support sponges anchoring my head in one position. “Have a kid-friendly nap in their… there’s nothing else to do,” the tech says as I’m rolled on a conveyor belt into the cylindrical coffin. I’m relaxing, loosely holding the panic […]

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FROZEN: No smiles, no frowns.

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Everywhere we go, Ri is on high alert for all things Frozen.  She shops for princess items, carrying anything with these Disney characters on them around stores and performing full on fall out fits when we refuse purchase.  In CVS, it was a box of tissues with Sven, Anna, and Olaf. In Giant,  it was […]

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Mystery illnesses and worry

It’s probably getting pretty old, me talking about my illnesses.  I’m reminded quite often of my mortality as I try to accomplish each day.  And, as I held Ri’s face and nuzzled her nose with mine, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d be here to see her grow up.  Since June began, I’ve had […]

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Upstaging: Atlanta Fashion Walk Summer edition

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Once was not enough, I told myself as I registered Chi for the summer runway show.  Surely if we register early, my girl will be selected for a stunning gown or eccentric couture – that’s what the intern told us back in December.  But when she picked up her two outfits, we discovered a grandeur […]

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