Shopper in training

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No winter here

photo 25/365 2017 {She tosses the rocks and fallen sticks into the brackish water, watching the water respond with ripples and splash. She collects these natural treasures as she walks along. At the water’s edge, she cups her hands around her mouth calling “Hello fishes, where are you?”}

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Rainy day diversions

With Chi at an invitational meet, we had a bit of time to explore. We started at DJ Feather’s Aviary and fell in love with a Harlequin Macaw. Then we visited a seafood store and asked the clerk to let us see the live lobsters.  They put on quite a show, raised claws and sideways […]

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Tech junkies

The pup was not a hit when it was first presented to her, but now (when the batteries are nearly dead and he has a drawl) she is interested in letting him read to her. A tablet and wifi access?  You’ve made her day. Watching tutorials and informational videos on YouTube.   She’s excited she snagged […]

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Winter time runner

In the rain, in the cold, running, running, she will go.

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We’re regulars at the library now, and it shows.  She walks in with a purpose.  Pausing briefly at the circulation desk, she returns her DVD to the proper bin and then places her books in their return location.  She waves as she walks past the librarians, though she does not pause long enough for recognition. […]

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