Calling out


“Mom? Can we take a trip again when everyone is gone; just me, you, and Laura? ” he asks timidly. To speak it louder than a whisper would certainly draw unwanted, non-physical but equally painful abrasion from the excluded. Underlying his request is several years of feeling displaced in his own family, in his home. […]

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Did I tell you I love you?

He sauntered over, slumped into a chair and asked me. Without reply, he knew the effect. “There is that smile. I love it when you smile. You and dad should smile more often. You’d be happier. ” I’m reminded, then, of overwhelming obligations that hinder such a simple expression. But despite the pressure to catch […]

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It’s cold inside this old house Empty, save the spiders who weave They create connections in open space Keeping me company without making contact Alone, I brood over lost opportunity Many a moment slipped through unnoticed My grasp on success too loose In the darkness, candlelight dances around Welcome motion in this wicked silence I […]

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Mini Vaykay

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Williamsburg, we couldn’t stay away.

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Love me when it hurts

“If we really want this thing to work we gotta go to war….” Avant, ‘When It Hurts ‘ I better start asking “will you love me when it hurts,” because it’s hurting more and more. This blended family thing is an experiment in futility ; or at least it seems so sometimes. Inevitably,  no matter […]

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Pull out

It’s been hard to write lately; not because I’m uninspired,  but because I worry who might hold my thoughts expressed against me.  I’ve learned I’m not liked by some – and the dislike is so intense that it’s vicious and overwhelming. I’m reminded often that impressions (however false) are made quickly and they don’t dispell. […]

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