Thanksgiving aka “Happy Thank You!”

w thanksgiving

I figured I’d skip posting the usual “here is our spread” and “here we are stuffing ourselves” photos and just share the ones from the morning.

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NaNoWriMo #25 (Rambling to do)

Racing through my head are hundreds of disjointed thoughts. It’s like a to do list that needs prioritizing. Remember, teach your young son how to handle authority ASAP: Never run. Don’t make sudden movements. Show your hands, palms toward the officer, all fingers visible. Don’t walk with your hands in pockets. Don’t look menacing (even […]

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window haiku

Blue bricks surround me if I had a window here I’d watch life evolve — seasons shifting soon fallen leaves covered in snow white blanket hides all — then, I’m suspecting the bitter cold will subside as sprouting buds break — suddenly, color inviting escape outside enticing climate — heat quickly becomes pervasive, yet so […]

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NaNoWriMo #18 (ending near)

I woke when she did. She lay on my arm, nestled against my chest. Her hands tugged at my shirt. “Mommy!” she insisted clearly, before continuing in a garble of sounds she is convinced are words. I checked the blinking phone. Sixteen percent charge. Twenty minutes had past since the alarm, which never sounded. I […]

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NaNoWriMo #16 (fur friendly)

A swift breeze brings the thousand little hairs to life. They dance around her neck, undulating to a rhythm no one can hear. She walks with a purposed stride up the sidewalk as traffic whips past her. Bracing from the sudden shock of cold, she shudders and rolls her shoulders. Inside her long coat, she […]

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SWF: Crossed love

Love is blind, this I see (Cross my fingers) I cannot lie Truth be told, here’s the line: You are my always, forever more From this day on, I vow Loyalty, fidelity, this I solemnly swear (Cross my fingers) I cannot lie I’ve hooked you good, good catch Here’s the line, it’s a sinker: Bound […]

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