She holds her tears, does not complain as you treat her with disdain neglecting her to pursue your whims careful, soon what’s left of love will dim once before, you cherished her showed her daily how much she was valued each display of tenderness secured now, like old photo albums, you’ve come unglued pictures – […]

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Setting up the shoot


It dawned on me that I rarely – if ever – have shown the preparations for my planned and plotted concept shoots. In my head, I get this picture of what I’d like to accomplish – of how my finished editorial will look. And then I spend countless hours searching for inexpensive wardrobe pieces and […]

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Broke the blog…again

I’ve spent the better part of this morning immersed in code that I do not speak. In my attempts to pretty-up the bloggity, I’ve killed the original structure of my posts. And then I killed the whole blog. Yep, sent this bad boy to white screen – – you know, the one where the page […]

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National Poetry Month 2015, Week 3

April 16 Dream Changing At night, in the darkness, I sleep restless, unfulfilled so many ideas flicker into my thoughts desires, as yet unspoken and not yet built into plans the momentary images pass into memory remaining in recesses of my mind in the morning light, I will their return or else, forgotten successes I’m […]

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National Poetry Month 2015, Week 2

April 6 April 7 April 8 twisted my days tangled them in my head wrang out the calendar and dripped out my schedule completely askew April 9 Fervor of activity just before 815 Nevermind quiet bed time rituals It’s the quarter hour wind up Before quitting the day Chuckles, guffaws, giggles Rebounding against the walls […]

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Battle lines in the… hair

w IMG0083

Yesterday, we set out in search of a hair salon expert to help Chi continue on her hair journey.  We’ve tried, unsuccessfully,  to understand it’s nature and to train it to do what we want. In October,  we began what we’d hoped would be a path to regrowth of healthier hair.  The first “treatment ” […]

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