2015: 1 COLD

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Late start, again… Here’s my Project 52 humble beginning.

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That’s one handsome hubs

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Yes, he’s mine.

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And suddenly

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Suddenly, she understands. This is your set, Ri. Your place to put on a show. She wait for her lights, pointing at each and mumbling “Ummm?” She stands, ready. What odd mimic must she mock today? She observes her props. Preferring the flowers, she rejects the stuffies. She walks off set. Not the step stool, […]

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The flow

“Mom, I got my period.” She says as though receiving a report card she’d been waiting on.  She doesn’t smile (who would?) and says it so timidly. Surely she must know that her snappy attitude of the past 72 hours gave me an idea that something was up.  And now, after an emergency stop during […]

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Boys, boys, boys!

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For days, the boys had been plotting a photo session. They’d picked out and pressed coordinating shirts and jeans. They’d debated the use of hats and who would wear what color. And they’d requested my assistance in selecting a location. Feeling a bit under the weather – which had become all to common this December […]

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Rocking into 2015

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