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I am a tattoo and piercing obsessed; part-time professional photography fanatical; anti-cleaning but clutter fearing; overloaded animal caretaker; over-talking blogging big mouthed; sometimes always right now procrastinating; God-believing and Heaven bound woman… with a lot of things going on in this life I’ve been given.

I used to lug my camera (DSLR) everywhere.  I LOVE having a camera (any camera) with me for the wow moments of everyday.  Maybe I should say every moment of everyday?  Hehehe.  Lately, it’s the cell phone that gets the most use, but you would use a nearly $700 phone’s fancy camera, too.  At that cost, I use my phone for everything.

 the HUBS
I’m not sure what to say about this man I love. I met him at fifteen during the Howard Multicultural Journalism Workshop. I love that he believes me beautiful in every condition (and tells me so). He claimed my children even before we’d officially become a family. He believes in strong discipline, inletting my think I’ve won an argument, and in providing for his family. If left alone, you’ll often see him completely focused on his XBOX games.  In 2016, he’s returned to his roots and has become increasingly more active with his hometown rec both as a coach and a mentor.

There are so many things I could say about the beautiful spirit that is Chi. As my firstborn, we’ve taught each other how this whole parent-child thing is supposed to work. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. My little princess has always been a communicator. Even before she could speak, she could tell me exactly what was on her mind. And it has never been mundane. She is an actress. She is an artist. She is a thinker. She is an athlete. She is innately sensitive to the needs of others and has compassion for everyone she encounters. She empathizes when you’d expect her to have no understanding of a situation. Did I mention she is amazing? There is no greater gift than my baby girl.

As a ‘tween, she was desperately seeking Chi.  She even renamed herself La’Chi and fostered. Now a teenager,  Figuring out where she fits in, where she’s comfortable, and where she aspires to get has become her priority. And some of her decisions as she “figures it all out” have been… well, interesting.

SUAVE, the eldest
He arrived already believing himself to be grown. As the older of two kids, he’d been given responsibilities beyond his years. A key and transportation pass were complete freedom. This ended when he entered suburbia. Suave, whose moniker draws from a song matching his personality (but getting airplay before his musical memory begins), is our son in transition. Even with the merger, he’s growing up as “the example,” a daunting position when rebellion is luring him elsewhere. He’s our athlete looking for a team, our scholar searching for a subject of study. He’s old enough to hold the adults in his life accountable, but stubborn enough to cling to the belief that some are infallible. [You have to love his tenacious loyalty.] He wants to belong, to be accepted, to be needed. And he’s desperately seeking to know himself.

Our often reticent child is a deep thinker and focused observer. Preferring to follow the establishment, he remains “under the radar.” But don’t mistake this for a lack of ambition, as brewing within him is always a plan to fulfill a dream. Initially shy, he’ll shock you with his playful personality and sly smile. And he sings every song on the radio – – challenging his sister’s memory as he accurately croons lyrics. Bringing out his explorer is our greatest challenge – especially since he is our bouncing baby living between two worlds.

The child known as Ya is my youngest (circa Summer 2008). He’s made of snakes, and snails and puppy dog tails – – ’cause that’s what boys are made of… in all seriousness, though, he’s a little boy with a curiosity for animals, mud puddles, and dangerous stunts. He is the comedian in training with a natural knack for comic antics. He loves to sing, to yell, and even to scream. He likes to dance to a heavy beat. He is fiercely connected to his older sister – the one whose mere mention elicits a beaming grin and anticipatory giggles of delight. She is his favorite person, his best playmate, his protector.

In school, he is social. He struggles a bit with his learning, flitting back and force between determination and anxiety in the classroom. He loves show-and-tell and recess, but sometimes he will zone out on the teaching.

And now a big brother, he’s learning to let go of being “the baby” and working at becoming a protector in his own rite.


updated 10/28/16

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