“Mom, I’m sick.”
“No, you’re not, Ri. You’re tired.”
“Mom, I’m sick.”
**beep, beep, beep*
“Ri, you are sick.”
“I’m tired.”

Back to the library

Early morning trips to the Bull Run library are always nice – – especially when the whole children’s space clears out for story time and “reading with dogs.”  Call me selfish, but I love having the whole area to ourselves.


Superbowl Sunday


Final score?  Altanta Falcons fall to New England Patriots in overtime, 28 to 34.  Ya was not happy, as he’s a former Falcon.

Library hopping, toy window shopping


Still reading

New books for our nightly reading? Of course!

  • Bigfoot Does NOT Like Birthday Parties {written by Eric Ode, illustrated by Jaime Temairik} — this is a fantastically fun read that lends itself to rhythmic retelling through well crafted rhyme.
  • Hold This! {written by Carolyn Cory Scoppettone, illustrated by Priscilla Alpaugh} — Ri liked the illustrations in this simple little book about a clumsy explorer. And the last image is perfect for our “big girl” who needs independence, but still reaches for our hands.
  • Because I Am Your Daddy {written by Sherry North , illustrated by Marcellus Hall} — the more subtle rhyme here was hard to read, but Ri liked identifying the imagery and asked questions as daddy read.

Let’s Read Together

Books read: if I had a DRAGON {written and illustrated by Tom and Amanda Ellery} and The Saddest Toilet in the World {written by Sam Apple, illustrated by Sam Ricks}. Ri found the latter humorous,  but Daddy didn’t appreciate the runaway toilet concept. The first book was a pretty adorable look at sibling struggles and imagination.

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