Career Year 15

Tomorrow is the official first day at my new school.
🍎 This is year #15

🍎 Schools: 3

🍎 Classrooms: 4

🍎 Districts: 1

🍎 Grades Taught:  9-12

🍎 Current position: English teacher 

🍎 Subject taught: English 10, English 9, Cambridge English 10, Pre AP English 10, Creative Writing, Journalism I-III

🍎 Principals: 6

🍎 States: 1
It’s interesting to reflect on this career.


Today is my birthday.

Another year concluded with an X on the calendar.

I don’t dare evaluate this past annual, as it was not one I hope to remember. 


It’s not the number that gets me down, it’s the lack of forward momentum in my life.

Everything seems stagnant. 

Yes, I’m grateful for the fresh start at a new school.

And I am progressing slowly at a new degree. 

But life has thrown me some serious strife and I’ve not handled it well. 

Perhaps this year will be better. Perhaps this year I’ll get some things right. 

I can’t do another year like 37. I don’t have it in me.


She *thinks* she is whispering as she leans in close – so close her lips brush my ear and her hot breathe blows on my face as she attempts to whisper, but succeeds only in popping her lips whilst believing her silent mouthing is communicating. I hate the feeling, but I love that she is trying…

It’s real now

I opened my email Monday to find two messages that I was expecting.  I didn’t know that I wasn’t ready: ready for the inquiries, the discussions about me (without me), ready to share my blessing. But there they were – a letter from HR confirming my transfer and a note from my new colleague welcoming me.

Immediately, I felt that stirring in my stomach. I looked around my room, which in that instant became a squatting space.  Ten years of accumulated materials, textbooks, and student samples sit on shelves, are filed in cabinets, and are tucked into corners.  Ten years. 

I contemplate who I should share with – do I even share my news? And as I pass through my day, I look at each colleague a little differently. Through the ups and downs, the disrespect and the slights, this has been my home away. I know custodians,  cafeteria staff, faculty, and hundreds of students.  And they know me. 

I read that email from my new department head several times. She captured my sentiments with a knowing empathy.  I feel guilty. I feel elated. I feel… 

I’m moving forward in my career. It’s an answer to a lengthy prayer for change. I’m trusting this is a move I’m meant to make. 

I’m heading to the shark tank and hoping I can swim.

Yummy Fun

Sometimes I let my insane fear of mess take a break…  it’s then that my kiddies get to really enjoy being kids.  Ice cream guarantees a sticky (and tasty) memory.  Care to guess who’s copying whom?

ice cream dream

Pearly Whites

Oma (the kiddos maternal grandmother) works in a dentist’s office. There has never been a shortage of dental floss, tooth paste, or tooth brushes (which is good, because I happened past the oral hygiene row and was shocked at the cost of those necessities… and I’m a little Law and Order paranoid about buying that type of item from the dollar stores). SO, it is no surprise that Ya loves to brush his seven teeth whenever he can steal a tooth brush (because using his own is totally not fun).

Have you ever had this much fun brushing your teeth?

Neither have I.

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