Finally, a snow day happened for me!

Slush, ice, water. No complaints. It earned us a few early-announced snow days.

King of improvisation determined that our snow was merely colder water and thus he could boogie board down the hill.  Aside from a few steering issues, it wasn’t a bad idea at all.

Ri latched on to these neighbors… she liked the friendliness and loved that they willingly shared rides on their double sled.  The girls’ dad stood guard to protect them from the briar pricklies at the end of the run.

Chi discovered in her single run on the big sled that steering was not an easy task. She also figure out that the heavier rider should ride in the rear.


A chilly winter day. An hour before Ya is set to come home. A request: playground. The place is empty.  It’s too cold to stay outside very long.  She swings for a few minutes. Then, snagging my phone, she opens up YouTube and settles into a tunnel to watch videos. 

First {real} snow of 2017

As soon as Ri saw the flurries, she grew happy.  “Merry Christmas, Mommy. Merry Christmas,  Yaya! Merry Christmas, Laura!” She chanted in her garbled way of prounouncement that sounds like cruhfrump or some such.  It was the first excitement she’s had watching the world from her carseat since people began stashing their holiday lights and blow up decorations.

She was quite excited to go outside in the slowly falling snow.  And then it hit her in the eye and the wind blew.  She spun on her heel and walked briskly to the back door.  She pounded and hollered “I’m done. Inside!”

We convinced her to go back out with her siblings and a hat named “Bob.”

She came out with a flag.  She stole a snowball from Ya (after he spent a minute molding it into perfection).  She tossed it at Chi. And then Chi took off after her. Then Ri turned and chased her.

By then, Ya had made a few more snowballs and was ready to join in.  He pelted Chi several times.

When Ri was attacked – – the first real retaliation – – she was again done.


Back inside, Chi completed several self portraits in her sketch book.

Ya (after asking PopPop to hire him for $2) went outside to sweep the dusty snow.  I found him in the center of the yard half hour later making snow angels.

Blizzard cometh {Day 2}

IMG7375 copy IMG7381 copy IMG7387 copy IMG7388 copy IMG7392 copyIMG7404 copy IMG7395 copy   IMG7411 copy IMG7413 copyIMG7407 copy IMG7416 copy

Blizzard cometh {Day 1}

IMG7234 copyThe flakes began Wednesday night, not Friday as they’d said.  I should’ve known when they started canceling evening events, but I’d been periodically checking the weather forecast through out the day.
My colleague said she’d never heard of a “blizzard watch,” though I’m certain there’d been others before now.  And when the fire alarm sent us outside on drill in the 30 degree temperature,  it smelled like snow.  The ominous clear grey skies were increasing the student buzz about days off. We weren’t expecting to be off on Thursday,  but I’d prayed they wouldn’t force us into school with predicted snowfall on Friday.
The well stocked shelves of the grocery store belied the fervor of scared shoppers stocking up for the unknown. On Wednesday afternoon, their fears weren’t yet real.  Friday morning, though, after hundreds of accidents and disabled vehicles,  lengthened commutes and closed public transit, the store’s meager remnants were hardly beckoning.  The bread, milk, and meat isles were sparse.
IMG7236 copy IMG7237 copy IMG7274 copy IMG7286 copy  Then the real snow began. It started with non-threatening flurries and maintained the slow decent for hours. The white collected, stuck to the chilled pavement, built in increments. By 1:30, it increased and the winds created swirling tornadoes of snow as our neighborhood began to disappear.
At 5, I realized we’d not ventured out. Piling on layers of clothes, the kids and I trekked into the blinding elements. Ri didn’t remember a snow like this. Ya was surprised by the icy collection of flakes mingling with the fluffy, good for nothing build up. This was not snowball worthy.

IMG7320 copy
And my newly crowned teen found restraint, showing her maturity. I don’t know how much longer she’ll be a kid. That carefree exploring of youth is quickly ending. Now, it’s Ri who picks up boulders of ice to hurl at me. It’s she who laughs at the frenzied clouds disrupted from descent by heavy gusts, at the collection of snow on her lashes. IMG7339 copy

IMG7291 copyBut Chi delights in being Ri’s playmate. She lets go of appearances to give baby sister experience. Ri runs, Chi chases. Ri circles back, running right to her would-be capture. And they laugh as she’s swept up into an embrace and swung around and around.IMG7347 copy
Meanwhile, Ya perfects snow angels on the impassable street. He samples snow. And he sits in shock when Ri tosses loose snow at him, somehow covering half his face. IMG7308 copy

Weather Heat Advisory: 105

Thirty minutes filling balloons for 5 minutes of explosive fun and wet relief.

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