Happy 3rd birthday, baby!


Today is your birthday. My sweet spitfire, my mini. “Thank you mom! Kiss. Hug,” you say several times a day. Later, though, I’m reprimanding you for swatting a sibling who refused your whim. Your teachers tell me you are the class protector. You sing all the time. You remind us to pray, frequently saying, “Mom, hallelujah. ” And you love to act as you “read” books. You love stickers. Anna, Elsa, Olaf (hola?), Minions (nanana), Mickey Mouse (hot dog, Mik Mow) are all favorites. You love watching Annie original and 2014. You love “teeyee,” or rather YouTube videos. You dislike “bubs” (bugs). And you are an excellent back seat driver.

Happy birthday, Ri. You are our favorite wedding gift.

Story time for Curly head

IMG6093 copy IMG6097 copy IMG6106 copy
IMG6111 copy IMG6110 copy

Mud and chaos: field trippin’

My dearest Ri,

You wont remember much about this, your first official field trip.  I’ll remember, though, because this is my forth “first field trip,” as I’ve gone with Rico, Chi, and Ya in years past.  Interestingly enough, I accompanied Ya on his trip with Victory to this very same location five years ago.  Nothing has changed!

Your class dynamic is quite interesting.  There are the two students who still miss the comfort and security of their first caregivers, and so they mourn the change that this new school has brought.  There are the students who completed summer session and have become professionals at navigating the learning environment.  These kids seem to know all the answers, sit “criss cross apple sauce” with ease, and speak with eloquence beyond their two or so years.  And then there are the students like you.  Your speech is still developing and your conversation – though steadily and quickly expanding – is still unclear.  You love the activities and the inclusion in this little people haven, but you’ve not quite gotten into “student mode.”  And you’re excited to be a part of something beyond our family.IMG5375 copy

 (performing “I’m a Little Tea Pot” with Ayden)IMG5366 copy

(Good morning, RiAnne. Can you jump, can you dance, can you wiggle?)

IMG5373 copy

(Who wants to do their colors?)

IMG5376 copy IMG5428 copy IMG5446 copy

Rain canceled the initial date to the Burke Nursery, and the rescheduled day met us with residual mud and puddles.  You rode with your class on the bus, while Mommy followed in the school’s van.  The trip was chaos.  Despite the messy grounds, field trippers and stay-at-home kids clambered about in large, disorganized groups.  Each child flitted about, with some harried attendant racing to catch up and monitor the wayward explorations.  And there was so much to explore!IMG5473 copy

IMG5483 copy

IMG5486 copy

IMG5502 copy IMG5516 copy IMG5519 copy
IMG_5530 copyWhen finally it was time to leave, you carefully selected a pumpkin (which you call a poonkah), and joined your classmates on the bus. You weren’t at all concerned about me leaving you. Independence, it seems, has set in strong.

Fashion Show-off

Strutting her stuff at the track


w IMG4844 w IMG4862 w IMG4877


IMG5064 copy IMG5072 copy



dressed up 91215 copy

You can’t tell from the photos, but Ri was not feeling this drizzly-day shoot.  She humored me with the hair bows, but cooperation beyond keeping them on was just not in the plan.

Open house at Victory

Little miss has been at school now for a few weeks and she’s gotten into the routine of things in Mrs. Brown’s and Ms. Nieves’s class.  Though she’s not terribly interested in sharing what she’s learned, a little forcing never hurt a young learner.  Each day, her class goes through two pledges (which most have memorized from the daily recitation), they volunteer to identify colors on the wall crayons, they rattle off the days of the week, and they sing a morning song to get them pumped for the day’s activity.  It’s a lot of learning and exposure for such young students, but RiAnne is quickly discovering that she has to talk and participate in class.  I’m actually quite grateful that work obligations require us to enroll her in school so early.IMG3873 IMG3868 IMG3867 IMG3862

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