She made me do it. 

Apparently,  having a streak with your mom on Snapchat is cool. So, I begrudgingly downloaded the app I knew I didn’t need.  And i instantly regretted it.

Nothing makes me feel older than being clueless about a piece of technology that everyone seems to use. I see this kid on the program more often than I see her reading, sketching, studying or talking. She’s forever swiping and snapping,  typing and reviewing.

Me? I couldn’t even take and post a photo without a 10 minute “teach mom the basics session.

 And though I was assured that no one could find me without my name, I see dozens of people from my cell phone book are visible with their handles. Clearly this means that they also see me.

I’m a few weeks in and I am not a fan. Sure, I can waste a few minutes trying out the ever changing filters, but I too often forget that my snap messages are temporary things. Someone might haved them forever, but it isn’t me. If I don’t save to memory, it is gone once I send. No bueno. 

But the filters can be fun, sometimes.

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