This is love

There’s this couple that live across from momanddad’s. They leave for work everyday dressed in black slacks and polos. He carries a backpack, she a purse. He opens his storm door and steps aside for her to exit the house. Then, he locks up while she waits for him steps away.  
He takes her hand in his and they set out to their job, walking down the sidewalk with interlocked fingers, arms gently swaying in unison. They lean toward each other in this totally symbiotic, natural way. And though they’re not speaking at the moment, they steal loving looks and their smiles radiate their joy. 
At the end of their day, I see them again. She draps her arms around his shoulders and his neck as he carries her piggy-back down the street. They are exchanging words and laughing, smiling in their shared happiness. 
This is love.

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