On the road

Riding down the highway in Daddy’s Cadi. Ri looks up at the clouds through the sunroof, watching them blow into recognizable formations and transforming moments later into something new.   Chi sits shut away from us, headphones entertaining her as she clutches her phone and plays personal deejay.  Ya is already sleep, resting his head on a fist of his bent arm.  Occasionally, Dad belts out a verse from the Classic Soul line up on satellite. 

The road is nearly empty and the scenery is a series of trees sometimes breaking apart to show a lake or stream. The towns are tucked away from our sight. Were he awake, he’d  be nervous about the blue HURRICANE EVACUATION ROUTE signs.  He’s spent the week inquiring about the potential for disasters near the Gulf. Aside from heavy rain, these southern storms have held off during our trip.

There’s miles upon miles of travel for us – 984, to be exact.

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