Cruise log: homeward bound 

11:30, final boarding call. The blue ropes were drawn in and the ship pushed away from the Kings Warf Royal Dockyard, leaving the pastel pink customs office temporarily still. The frothing white waves built intensity as we sped away from the Bermuda hook-shaped island on a diagonal course toward home port.

Earlier in the week, Ri had won a complimentary experience. We had no luck with the shore excursions drawings,  but because she never visited the kiddie care, she was with us when they inquired “who’s the youngest person in the room?” Ri, at 4, was the second youngest (11 month old Emory beat her and his mom made sure he was recognized).  Both kids were gifted tickets to enjoy the first Build a Bear offering on this sailing.

Build a Bear at Sea is a *new* feature, according to cruise director Saffie. The line began at 3:40 pm for the 4:15 pm activity. No advanced registration, no posted prices prior to entering the lounge. 

Children seemed sparse for much of the cruise until this event brought them out of hiding. And like the  land equivalent, Build a Bear proved an expensive experience. 

Ri made Heart, a rainbow bear.  She warmed her heart. She rubbed it on her knee (“so the new special friend will always be there when she knee-ds her”). She rubbed it on her toes, (“so the new special friend will be toe-tally awesome”).  She jumped around, showing they’ll always be ready to play. And she laughed aloud to ensure a great sense of humor. 

Once seem up, Heart was ready to accessorize – choices of shoes, shirts, and eyewear. There was enough to break anyone’s budget. Ri picked a pink leotard ($12). She had a rainbow tutu($8), too, but we reluctantly returned it to the rack. 

Ten minutes into the process,  we were done.  I signed our $38 folio charge and we left the Butterflies Lounge. 

Then Ri exclaimed, “Mommy, her eyes are burning!”

“What? What’s wrong with her?”

“Her eyes – they’re burning! She needs glasses.”  

People walking near us were amused. “That was smooth, Mom. She’s good.

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