New year, new trend

Our sweet gnat doesn’t stay focused long.  At school, her teacher says she is disengaged and begrudgingly works on learning tasks, often leaving them incomplete while she rests her head on her desk. She can identify most colors and numbers (she struggles with the letters), but you could hardly convince her school she knows any of it because Ri does very little responding on demand.

At home, she flits between activities.  If she’s watching YouTube, she changes videos every few minutes and rarely finishes any.

The idea to read together each night was a long time coming. It forces Ri to sustain attention and it gives hubs opportunity to share with his “little mama.” They’re sweet together. Daddy reads at a steady pace, sometimes adding sound effects and asking Ri to join in.  She likes creating her own stories from the pictures, too.

I have history with Teeny-Tiny. It was my choice for a speech recitation contest at Enchanted Lake Elementary some 30 years ago. I could tell that ghost story in one minute, thirty seconds. The nostalgia it sparks isn’t shared, unfortunately.  It doesn’t rhyme and hubs added Teeny-Tiny when it wasn’t printed because it’s the adjective du jour the entire little book.

Hubs didn’t enjoy the first few book choices, so we’ve been tasked to “pick better.” I think he figured out that I “help” find quirky tales that must be acted.  The duds have all been too wordy and their topics obscure.

Back to the library, we go!

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