library: in the details


Let’s consider this post a typical snapshot of you after school:  Usually, you are excited to see me when I come to the glass doors of the commons room.  You are seated most days at the table impatiently shifting while you wait on a tiny afternoon snack (please, no smelly brownies!) or you are casually sifting through the mini cookies or veggie selection searching for something you enjoy eating.  If it’s pudding on the menu, you’ve already forgotten the spoon and are sliding a slimy finger through the substance, instead.

When you see me, you smile.  You jump up and go searching for your backpack, where the teacher has stuffed your coat. You need no prompting and are more than ready to escape.  Some days, your classmates also get up and they take turns offering you (and me) a tight hug and goodbye. You accept the affection, but do not return the hugs or the farewell.

Today, you aren’t happy when I insist, again, that you look for books in the stacks.  You want to be on the computer, which right now is free.  You want nothing to do with me taking pictures – – even though I insisted that you not acknowledge the camera.

You randomly pull two books from the shelves, remarking at how they are empty.  Then, with my nod, you jet to the computer.

When we look back on you at this age, it’ll be important to remember that you were not into pants.  Unless you are asleep (or bribed), you immediately take off the offending slacks just after they’re put on you.  You must have a bow in your hair and you enjoy picking out the adornment.  One of the ladies at VCPA will no doubt compliment the hair pretty upon your arrival and you are very into praise. 

We’ve finally gotten you used to that hair of yours with its beautifully unruly curls that you like to loosely tossle.  Thank goodness for “Carol’s Daughter.”   

Typical of your condition after school, your clothes are disheveled.  Remnants of an enjoyed lunch are somewhere across your chest.  If lunch was bad, your clothes remain pristine.  

You enjoy puzzles – – especially if they feature television or movie characters you are familiar with.

And most recently, you have discovered that this magic card is the key to taking home the many things this library has to offer.

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