We’re regulars at the library now, and it shows.  She walks in with a purpose.  Pausing briefly at the circulation desk, she returns her DVD to the proper bin and then places her books in their return location.  She waves as she walks past the librarians, though she does not pause long enough for recognition.  Occasionally, she greets the fish as she passes the tank, but most often she heads toward the DVD collection or stops to tinker at the computer station.  She wants to play with the dinosaurs or the foam building structures, though Mommy usually instructs her to find replacement books for those we have returned.

Reluctantly, she obliges – – especially if she can use the step stool to find something fresh on the top shelf.  I think the climb gives her a feeling of power. She’s a big girl, now.

We’re not beyond tantrums.  Though not usually this foolish in nature, she often tries to cry when she can’t get her way. We’ve learned, as all children do, that begging and acting out don’t produce positive results.

After selecting her books, Ri has decided that self-checkout is more interesting than assisted.

No, we don’t get the stickers, but there wasn’t much variety in those, so she doesn’t see reward in them. Instead, she likes to search out the barcodes and scan her own books.  If the stool is there, she climbs up on it.  Yes, we take awhile to check out, but she is happy to complete this step independently.

Passersby get a kick out of watching this miniature scholar in her uniform flitting through her stack of books, lining up each bar code carefully with the red scanner line and waiting for the confirmation beep.

Then, she packs her new collection into her backpack and hurries to the door.

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