First {real} snow of 2017

As soon as Ri saw the flurries, she grew happy.  “Merry Christmas, Mommy. Merry Christmas,  Yaya! Merry Christmas, Laura!” She chanted in her garbled way of prounouncement that sounds like cruhfrump or some such.  It was the first excitement she’s had watching the world from her carseat since people began stashing their holiday lights and blow up decorations.

She was quite excited to go outside in the slowly falling snow.  And then it hit her in the eye and the wind blew.  She spun on her heel and walked briskly to the back door.  She pounded and hollered “I’m done. Inside!”

We convinced her to go back out with her siblings and a hat named “Bob.”

She came out with a flag.  She stole a snowball from Ya (after he spent a minute molding it into perfection).  She tossed it at Chi. And then Chi took off after her. Then Ri turned and chased her.

By then, Ya had made a few more snowballs and was ready to join in.  He pelted Chi several times.

When Ri was attacked – – the first real retaliation – – she was again done.


Back inside, Chi completed several self portraits in her sketch book.

Ya (after asking PopPop to hire him for $2) went outside to sweep the dusty snow.  I found him in the center of the yard half hour later making snow angels.

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