It’s our anniversary: She’s 14! edition

Her: Mom, four is so bipolar. I wonder if 14 is going to be bad, too.
Me: I hope not. Thirteen was bad enough.
Her: What???

To my awesome first born:
I love you beyond measure. You continue to make me proud and I am blessed to be your mama. Continue to reach for your passions. Never settle. And always believe that God has a purpose for your talents (and there are so many). You have no limit to what you can achieve.


12.19 – – She’s growing into a beautiful young woman. She has talent. She is dedicated. She is sensitive. She loves passionately. She cares about people, animals, and the world. She thinks deeply. She is simply amazing. I am so lucky to have her as my baby girl.

Navigating these teen waters has been challenging, especially when the sea of attitude is choppy and unpredictable.  Though stretching this metaphor is tedious, I’ll say this: I’m glad our ship is solidly built.

Chi has, as the firstborn, been tasked to set the example.    She does.  No matter how often I nag, her room has no visible floor, her art space is creatively cluttered.  But she takes care of Ya and Ri.  She protects them.  She completes her chores with minimal prodding.  She balances a hectic sports schedule with a heavy course load. And she navigates through a world of privilege our family can scarcely compete with.

I’d be amiss if I didn’t also acknowledge her positivity about family.  Ours is an interesting mix of siblings and parents – which number far more than is “normal.”  She is proud of her siblings (close and distant).  She loves her many parents fiercely and forgives their shortcomings.  Even when we fail her, she lifts us up.

And she has never failed us.

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