Ping pong progress

Let’s be clear: we are not avid table tennis players.

On the occasion that we happen upon a table, the kids always want to try it out. We spend a lot of time fetching wayward balls as they fly over and beyond their target. We laugh at each miserable attempt to connect with the balls, despite our best hope that they will actually ping pong. Games – if you can call them that – are a comedy of errors. And rules? We’ve got the jist of ’em, but the balls hardly in play long enough to enforce them.

PopPop is a more serious competitor. He keeps score. He follows the rules. He gets frustrated at our poor attempts. Clearly we collectively lack the coordination necessary for  a satisfying game.  

Yadon gets frustrated and then he gets mean as the score escapes his favor. Friendly games aren’t friendly when he’s upset. 

So we fetch balls from behind vases, inside the cashier’s booth, and under the pool table.  We kill time and try to squelch our tempers. And eventually,  we surrender the table for calmer activity.

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