Future fashion designer 

She has a tenacious tendancy to undress her dolls.  It’s no surprise, she comes out of her clothes upon entering the house. There’s a trail of discards leading from the front door to wherever she ends up.

Today, though, she decided to dress her doll.  She emptied her newly puchased play dough canisters – all eight of them – and began mixing and blending the colors. Then she crafted a dress.

I was in the middle of collecting pesky crumbs from my bedsheets ,  lecturing her yet again that play dough is only for the kitchen table. Growing aggravated by my failure to get all of the multicolored pieces up, I turned to speed up her ejection from the room. It was then that I saw Tiana’s new wardrobe.  And I could  no longer be mad. I had to take a picture.


Later, while sitting downstairs, she began work on a second design. And she proudly let me photograph that dress, too. Then, she balled it up and began anew.

Perhaps this is the beginning of something.

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