We voted early (absentee) to avoid the crowds bound to assemble on Nov. 8.  The DMV was fast– only 10 people stood in line. Three poll workers were stationed to check identification. Confirmed,  I waited for one to print my voter’s card, then I was directed into another area to get my official ballot and pencil.  

Standing in the tiny partitioned voter’s “booth,” which is really simply a table, I colored in my boxes for president, congressman, and two state initiatives (right to work aka illegal unions and a proposal to relieve financial burdens of widowed spouses of servicemen and first responders killed in the line of duty). The final step was to slide my ballot into a machine, and wait for the flag to appear on a screen announcing I’d finished.

The kids chose to wait in the main lobby. I wish they’d been in the booth with me, like they were when we voted in 2008 and 2012. Despite refusing to join me, Ri claimed my I VOTED! sticker. 

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