Sponsored: My Pancakes Taste Different Today!

img1902-copyWe are all responsible for protecting  the environment. This is the message young Ethan learns when he tosses a metal can into the river to make a splash.  What he thought would be a fun end to his fishing trip caused harmful changes to the environment, and those changes were reciprocated.  Ethan’s pancakes are different because he’s inadvertently changed things.

Along with learning cause and effect of choices and actions, readers also learn about the harvest to table process of foods. img1894-copy

 My Pancakes Taste Different Today!

 Authors Heather and Bruce Galpert have done a beautiful job presenting this environmental preservation concept in an easy to read and comprehend story.  Educational text is paired with colorful illustration by Barbara Cate.

My three year old talked through the vibrantly colored illustrations and was quite responsive to the text.  Though younger than the target age, she understood that Ethan had made a mistake and the world changed. After we had read it together, she retold the story page by page to our dog.  The text is heavy on some pages, but she didn’t seem to mind the occasionally long viewing of these parts. And I know a book is a great find when she rereads it.

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