I shouldn’t be awake. I went to bed at a decent time after a very emotionally draining day.  And I suppose the brain isn’t done thinking about what went down.

I’m being targeted at work. It’s blatantly obvious.  I follow protocol . I filed absences on the required system ,  made the extra text notification to the appropriate people, and even dropped off medical documentation of my leave before necessary to my supervising administrator.  And yet I return to my paper absence verification  (back ups for audit, despite the paperless online system) with “denied approval, see me” scrawled across the bottom of each paper.  

I did what I was supposed to do. I left thorough sub plans, graded through my sickness ,  and returned two days early to input grades. I even spoke to my substitute twice to affirm assignments and check progress.  Despite this, admin was in my grade book checking up on my records today – which are accurate and up to date even though the remote system did not work on my computer.  I’ve been legitimately absent on medical leave since the quarter started, and my grade book is the one being checked? 

Not once did any member of administration check on my condition, though paperwork made it clear I had been in the hospital. As usual, there will be no kudos for at home e-mail to the CLT about required data collection. There will be no “thank you” for fielding questions and concerns from colleagues.

I know my place. I know I am not valued. I get it. There’s no such thing as Blue Blood Family where mine is concerned. 

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