Halloween 2016 – Purple Minion


 Diva decided to be practical this Halloween. After a discouraging perusal of Spirit Halloween’s $40-50 costumes, she was about to call it quits.  At 13, she is starting to feel “too old” to dress up and enjoy the fantasy that is Halloween. But then, she had an idea: become an “evil” purple minion.

Purple shirt? Already own one.  Jeans? We need a new pair anyway, so let’s get a good fitting set now.  And she’s still holding my Dollar Tree clown glasses (with lenses popped out) hostage since she was Arthur for Spirit Week.  Lest we forget that Ri got an official pair of Minion specs during a store tantrum more than a year ago.  

Finally, the suspenders – purchased new with an assurance that she’d be able to use them in several future costumes, too. Oh, wait.  The purple crazy hair headband… it completed the look, though she prefered spraying her hair with temporary purple color.

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