Baby fix

It’s no secret that I want another baby. Everything in my circumstance says having a child now (even though hubs promised me two) isn’t optimal. My heart, however , says ‘what’s one more?’Anyway, I also really love baby portraits .  Capturing fleeting moments of these new angels is a difficult, beautiful endeavor that I absolutely enjoy.  And I have no shortage of portrait enhancements (yep, I was obsessed with accessories).

My cousin Nadia is three solid months into motherhood. And when I asked for permission to borrow her little for photos and my own selfish baby fix,  she didn’t hesitate to say ‘anytime.’  I’m honored by her trust and thankful for her patience.

Dyani, affectionately known as Cocoa, eyed me inquisitively as soon as I arrived. She’s one of those sweet littles with a personality all her own.  She’s particular, but not particularly fussy. She’s alert and observant of her world. And she has distinctive preference for style that she will not compromise on.

This tiny little gem flitted between wide awake giggles and snuggle-down sleep.  She kept keen eyes and ears trained on her mommy, while relaxing into my arms.  Swoon. 

My assistants, Ya and Chi, helped arrange lights, backdrops, and our purposely minimal props.  They both also took a turn at shooting, selecting their angles with care.

We took a little longer than anticipated, pausing for Mommy cuddles and lunch. But I think we captured this age pretty well.

I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to freeze time for another family. And as a bonus, cradling a tiny baby in my arms one more time.

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