Accidents and Photoshop Magic

The other day, Ya wanted to try his hand at photo editing. Specifically, he wanted to edit a few photos of himself from Thanksgiving Day.

You see, he’d had a rough break from school. On Tuesday, he was preparing to race home against the darkness and the street lights (a race he always loses). Just before he began, however, he had one more play of alley football. And it was that play that ended in a collision. He came home bloodied and in pain, having split the corner of his lip from front to back with his teeth.

His dad took him to urgent care, where the doctor confirmed what I’d already said: stitches. It took two numbing shots and five stitches to close the large wound. I was told he was a trooper – – he didn’t cry and was quite the tough guy despite a fear of needles.

Then, on Wednesday, he insisted on helping with the hamburgers.

Side note: My track record with the patties is a little sketchy. Chi would say I’m a bit dangerous with them, as I pan fry the suckers and it usually results in smoke. One time, it set off the fire alarms, and Chi grabbed her then-infant brother and raced down the stairs and out the house to save him.

So, Ya molded the meat into patties, and seasoned them. When we had a stack ready, I turned on the burner and heated the pan. Several patties into the cooking process, Ya stood over the pan watching them sizzle when the grease popped. It hit him just above the eyebrows in the center of his forehead – an odd little circle formed where it got him.

The resulting appearance featured these two injuries prominently.  There was no hiding the large cut on his lip – which appeared even larger when the stitches popped the day after they were sewn.  And the circular burn shown a light cream patch on otherwise beautifully brown skin.

Our traditional Thanksgiving pictures took place anyway.  So when I opened up our family pictures, Ya joined me to polish them in PhotoShop.

We opened up his portraits and, at his request, I walked him through the spot editing features that would minimize the appearance of his newly-earned temporary blemishes.

And then he broke my heart: “I wish I could jump in the computer and edit my face, too.”

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