Interview with the teen artist

What is your current age: 13 going on 30. Don’t put that, haha.
What is your favorite television show:  Cut Throat Kitchen. No, wait. ID Channel. It’s not a show, I like the whole network.
Favorite color: purple. It’ll never not be purple.
Favorite school subject: In all honesty, even though I kinda struggle, I really like math. You either get math or you don’t.
Longest Skype conversation: 8 hours long. Continuous or throughout the day?

Interjection from the younger brother: She’s doodoo fresh.

What is your dream job: I want to be an animator or a character designer.

How many days until Freshman year: 48. I knew that from heart. It’s sad that I know.

Who inspires you: Camilla d’Errico, Yuna, and my mom.

What are most looking forward to: In life, or in high school? In life, I’m looking forward to having enough money to sustain myself and still have fun. And for high school, the experience. Because my school is so… exciting, I think it’s just going to be a lot of fun.

What’s your typical phone activity: probably, the one I usually do is go on instagram or skype Kiernan. I look at art and funny videos (Pokemon Go videos and memes, I love memes)

What’s your greatest accomplishment to date: Surviving. Do not put that. Stop. Probably getting into Colgan. That was hard. You had an interview – not like this one, cause its just mom. My mom wasn’t even there ..[in the room].
It was… There was a lot of pressure. I got to look at a lot of artists’ work and they were actually really good. And that oil painter -ahhhk – her work was GORGEOUS.

And what are your immediate plans: Skypeing my friends. Checking the school website daily. I’m going on a couple vacations. And I’m doing my track workouts.

Tell me about your art: I’m a realistic artist. I try to draw hyper realistically, mostly people portraits. I enjoy sketching out with blue pencil. I just got a new desk and so I like to sketch on it. And clean it. I have a wipe. [Mom face palms herself in agony. Child responds ‘I hate you.’ Mom considers how many days are left before college.]

What’s your favorite art piece so far: The one of Yadon.

What’s the silliest art mistake you’ve made: Making a thick oil painting right before needing to  turn it in for my interview. Traumatizing. I spent three hours trying to dry that thing. [who knew it needed to oxidize to dry?]

What do you think about art box subscriptions: I love ’em because it gives you good size samples that I honestly would never buy.

What else do you want to remember about right now: I fall up the stairs every single day. Fall up and down every single day.

I finally got all A’s.

What time is it (besides bedtime past due): It is July 13, 2016 12:03am with 47 days left until school which means I need to update my calendar. [bedtime.] I love you mom. [She licks her. Mom dislikes child’s actions. Banishes her from room. She slips on way out. Brother comes in from his room “stop licking mom!” She does it again. “I cant stop, I love how she freaks out.”]

*recorded by Mom verbatim in third person because she felt like it even though the child considers that weird.
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