Interview with the 7 year and 317 day old

Preferred name: Yadon
Favorite color: blue

Favorite sport: football
Favorite thing to do outside: ride my bike
Favorite thing to do inside: watch TV
Favorite saying (motto): Never give up
Favorite school subject: social studies
What do you like about summer: no school
Best friend: Micah
Dream vacation: the Arctic mountains – I want to build a snow fort
Dream job: Lego designer
Best vacation to date: Tennessee because I got to… That’s hard. Sorry, not my favorite. King’s Creek because I got to go to a water park and somewhere called the Island. Wait… That was Tennessee.
What are you looking forward to this school year: homework. Lots of homework.
What’s your favorite thing to do with your family: go places.
What are you good at: walking up steps without falling.

What else do you want to say: God bless you.

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