Week 9, DRAW 101

This class has been humbling. There’s a certain amount of pride involved in working hard on a project and presenting it to the world. There’s a fear in showing work in progress and facing criticisms you’re not yet prepared to have. Invested time and passion makes one’s work something important – – and to receive less than stellar feedback is initially very difficult.

However, as difficult as it is to accept, an outsider’s perspective has an ability to shape work into something greater than it might have been without the extra eyes evaluating.

The SMART goal for the week is centered around that window I stubbornly fought against. The blinding bright empty space is bothering me. While I’ve seen that window on a sunshiny day with rays so intense the outside world disappears, nothing in the image conveys that. I’d seen a window with a billowing sheer curtain like those in my home, and thought it might resolve my issue. I didn’t want to add scenery to the window, as it’s not a focal point of the image I envision – – and I feel like it’ll draw attention. I’ve sketched and erased the area repeatedly, ultimately determining that this week’s sketchbook would be a better place to work out the plan.

img014 copyimg015 copy

A second use of the sketchbook was for experimenting with style. I’m pretty sure I like the soft look with blended tones far better than deep value variations. I figured I’d play with realism (without a grid – sighting only) and with a more relaxed interpretive style.


img013 copy

I’d like to continue toying with different looks – – maybe even revisiting the reduction technique I botched so well earlier in the quarter. My sketchbook is nearly full and that feels so good.

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