Week 6, DRAW 101

This weeks SMART goals were twofold. After the difficult first efforts with the pastels in my earthtone assignment, I thought I’d practice layering color. I used pastel pencils, but am finding that they are too compressed and the hard points do not lay well on smooth paper. The pastel nubs and nupastels lay better, but the tooth of the charcoal paper distorts mark making. I’m learning.

img054 copy

The second goal of this week was to work further on gesture drawing. To this end, I happened upon a practice site that hosts pictures of various poses. The site can be timed so that each image is shown for 30 seconds or some other designated increment. While difficult at first, continued use would definitely improve my gesturing and my ability to copy poses. ↪Reference.sketchdaily.net/en

I’m also fighting with markmaking… I’m sure it has merit, but I’m not a fan of the appearance.  I’d rather grab my tortillion stick and blend.

img053 copy

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