Week 5, DRAW 101

img032 copyI’ve been a bit stuck on my Cleopatra… it’s such an interesting sketch by Michelangelo, that I wanted to finish it even though our master’s week was complete.


I soften my crosshatching and intensified a few areas to improve the illusion of volume.  I’m pretty happy with her hair, as it actually appears to have strands.  I see a little improvement in my line work variation.

This week, I set my goal to gesturing figures.  It’s similar to a task I had before, and I find it necessary to continue because my final project involves figure drawing.

img033 copy

Clearly I need to work on fingers/hands gripping and holding, as his wrist bone is too pronounced and his index and thumb are twisted.  The overemphasis of his chest and torso needs to be softened.

img034 copyI elected to try this one at an angle below him… if I’d set a better length for his head and arm, it might’ve been a good representation of his likeness.  As it is, his eyes are too far up and his arm is too long (perhaps if he were heavier my elongation wouldn’t be so obvious).


I’m hoping to get a few poses in environment over the next week and will be adding color as I’ve proposed for my final project.  I’d like to work on angles and need to work on feature placement.

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