Week 4, DRAW 101

Following a week of copying a “Master work,” I decided that grids were awesome…

This week’s SMART goals as explicit as possible:

    • Specific :
      1. to practice using mark making to accurately render ranges of value.
      2.  to use a grid to duplicate work with attention to proportion.
    • Measurable :
      1. the images created will show accurate application of a full range of value using cross hatching and line work.
      2. the image will maintain the proportions of the original source being imitated.
    • Attainable : in the course of a week? yes, though with the number of tasks required in completing Exercises 3-4, it will be a challenge to manage limited time.
    • Relevant : this is reflective of the unit learning outcomes.
    • Time bound : though it is expected to be accomplished this week, it will likely be a continuing assignment.

img002 web img003 web

  • Analysis: Look back at your result and, using proper terminology, reflect on your sketch(es).
    • What worked and what didn’t? – – using an unfamiliar printer to print my source image definitely failed me. The stretching of the image caused irreparable distortion of my final drawings in both my sketchbook and exercise 3.
    • Do you feel you achieved your goal(s) for this week? No. I’m not satisfied with my blending of the cross hatches and feel like the result is very rough and continues to appear unfinished. Perhaps it is a style preference, but I didn’t like the mark making technique and missed my smoother blending.
    • How much progress do you feel you have made so far in the course? I am feeling that at this mid-point I am getting better at my still life (though this isn’t reflected in my sketchbook practice). I am more confident with rendering my deep tones, though I hesitate to apply them on my work.
    • What would you still like or need to work on next? In preparation for the next project, I need to work on rendering plates. I struggled with this in DRAW 100. It’s easier to draw them with an illusion of depth from above, but more challenging on other planes (POV).
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