Week 3, DRAW 101

Week three’s goals were Light and Dark  – – There are several goals, among them to practice applying the shadows and highlights in my drawings, to vary line weight to convey distance, and, finally, to improve on “poster.”


I tried not to focus so much on details and instead the shadows and highlights.


Though these are quick sketches (she does not sleep still!), I think I was able to add appropriate shadowing in the intensity needed for the base of these drawings.  Were I to keep working beyond this point, the blending and further buildup of chalk would probably improve the contrast.  I realize, though, that I need to work on foreshortening.


I think the shadows are accurate, though not as dark as I see many artists render them.  I notice that with the charcoal pencil I feel more free to gesture and refine than with graphite. The ability to soften and blend lines (and mistakes) is greatly improved with the charcoal.  I see the need to work on highlights and continue to work with line variance.



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