Monkey in the middle

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a series of projects all leading up to a pattern design for my SCAD DESIGN 100 class. Multiple sketches, drafts, reworks and tweaks are expected and encouraged in this course. Nothing is right the first time and the greatest learning comes from failure… or so it seems.

It started with source images from nature. I chose a sea urchin, a squid, a coiled fern, and a monkey with her baby clinging to her back.  I thought about including a weeping willow, but figured I couldn’t draw it well.

Like the final project for Draw 100, I want this pattern to incorporate something of me into it. The monkey mama, abstracted with her little one into waves of form, symbolized the frenzy of parenting. When combined, the motif tiles creates hearts and diamonds.

As the class concludes, I’m finding new confidence in the online peer critiques. I also see more value in thumbnail sketches (why commit time to large scale projects that won’t become the vision? ).  And I’m surprised to see that finding source inspiration is encouraged.

I’m still struggling with the vast terminology – art jargon is not easy to imbed into my memory. I’m appreciative, though, because I’ve really enjoyed this class.

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