Fantasy life

I’m sitting here for the second day in a row stalking through pictures on Damsel in this Dress on Facebook. I’d discovered her page some time ago and fallen madly in LOVE with her style. I mean, she makes corsets look cool with everything. And I’m a bit smitten with the swanky hats and accessories that bring a modern diva’tude to otherwise retro Fair Ware.

When I first happened upon the page – sometime after visiting our Renaissance Faire and obsessing over the lavish fabrics and slimming styles of the shops selling wares throughout. And though I’ve never even tried to pull off a period costume at any of the Faires I’ve attended, I’ve frequently inquired about offerings and customizations.

Since then, though, I’ve taken to splurging on the girls’ wardrobes and their fancies. I’ve spent a lot on making dreams come true for them. And I’ve never really done the same for me. Until now.

Damsel has grab bags every Black Friday. I always miss them. Except yesterday, I just happened to see her page appear in my sporadic feed. And the bags in my ever-increasing waist size were available! So, I took a chance. I ordered. I’m not sure what I’ll get. I’m not sure it’ll serve me any real purpose. But I’m so excited to take the chance. I’ve been disappointed so many times with other purchases,  but I’ve not seen any outfits on the page I didn’t like.

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