Week One, Done

She’s completed her first week of preschool. And now that Daddy’s working with the county’s education system, we’re all in school every day.
IMG3430 copy
Day One Dropped Lil miss off at PreK. She shrugged off my kiss, waved goodbye, and left clutching her banana.
School Recaps in the mom-taxi
1. Middle School: Chemistry is great, especially when teacher sets table ablaze and jumps on it to put out fire. Students know to sit in the back for safety.
2.High School: The good deeds you didn’t think were a big deal made impressions. That teacher remembered your kindness and she knows your spirit even before you were on her roster.
3. PreK: Mommy (you left me). Pihop (pizza). Home (let’s get out of here).
Day Two Fell asleep humming “twinkle twinkle little star” and “ABC” songs. Cries when she sees me at pick up time, though she is more than eager to leave.
Day Three Not happy to go to school. Runs toward door. Happy to go home, though cries upon sight.
Day Four Heartbreaking. I left her at school crying “Mommy, no. Hand! PLEASE?!” Hard to walk out.
Day Five Easier drop off for Lil Miss. Turns out that she hates the multipurpose room. Class is just fine.
w tissue bless you
“Bless You. Tissue. Thank You.”

It wouldn’t be school without germs. And so, we have colds for the weekend. It’s like a welcome to the new year present!

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