This is Seven

seven YANickname: Ya, Non
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Subject: math
Favorite Animal: “I don’t have one”
Favorite Song: Wings
Favorite Food: “I just like food. Don’t forget I eat like almost everything in the fridge.”
Favorite Movie: Inside Out
Favorite TV Show: “I like all types.”
Most Watched TV: “The Amazing World of Gumball”
w IMG3126
Favorite Activity (at home): Playing outside
Future Career Goal: Dump Truck Driver (“I’m not going on those height things.”)
Favorite Sport to Play: football
Favorite Sport to Watch: football
Favorite Toy: dump truck
Favorite team: Falcons
Favorite Book: (laughs) “I don’t know.”
Current School Grade: two
Wears size 1.5 clothes size 7/8
Quote: “Yeah, whatever.”

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