Incredible, edible… that damn egg

I will forever be haunted by reflections too bright and backgrounds to blended. Forever. The frustration of my first foundations course at SCAD had me near breaking-point. I suppose, then, it’s fitting that Ri broke one of my project eggs. And Chi kept moving my still life set ups. And life kept moving in our very busy summer.
jonessmithr_exercise 11 (cracked)

This is the egg that I attempted to draw. It looks like an egg. But the crack? Well, that’s bad for demonstrating the egg’s dimensions and tonal value. And clearly, clearly I did not squint enough to see the fine details of Chiaroscuro.jonessmithr_exercise 11 (whole)

Wait… this one needs better highlights. And the background? No, not right. Is it floating?  Clearly, your light source is amiss.  Forty-five degrees, intense and directed – that’s the requirement.  Did you get the light with the shade from the home improvement store? You really need it.

But it’s an egg.



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