She’s not ready to go on.
Trembling, she stood before me then
someone familiar when her known world
starts its many changes. Her beginning.
Yes, an ending, too. Of childhood.
But here she is, days away.
The proud graduate who’s accomplished much
(but feels there is still more).
Tomorrow, she’ll wake up again –
an adult with a future unlimited.

Choices piled before her like books
stacking up in the return bin.
Whichever new chapter she chooses now,
written as she pushes ever forward,
will form her own life memoir.
It’s sure to be a bestseller.

She’s worried, though, blank pages scare.
But she’s nowhere near blocked here…

We hugged – not goodbye, but congratulations.
From these school halls she’s released
and the world beyond is hers.
Each day a vignette to record.
And though she leaves this place,
she remains a part of it.
I, along with so many others,
are characters she’ll bid adieu.
Her memoir has new introductions coming.

Inspired by Six Word Friday‘s weekly share.

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