Villanelle #1

Sentenced to enternal strife.
Forever seems so long to be trussed
when miserable and bickering. How is this life?

Once vowed to be your wife
and in you misplaced my trust.
Marriage: a sentence to eternal strife.

Our love, we’d thought was lasting; rife.
now, it’s tarnished. metallic covenant has rust
Miserable. Bickering. How – tell me – is this life?

Arguments unceasing, I question remaining the wife.
Rethinking commitment: release is a must
from this sentence of eternal strife.

Your betrayal cuts like a knife
truth becomes lies. Your words I cannot trust.
I’m miserable. We’re bickering. How is this life?

No longer can we share this life.
Untie our binds that once were trussed.
Sentenced to eternal strife.
Miserable bickering… how is this life?

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