Dancing clogs and tulip trails

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How could I miss the whole season of daffodils and tulips? It was a highlight of last year and yet I missed every field update for the Holland festival. And since this year’s weather has been extreme, the blooms weren’t waiting for me.w IMG0283

Hubs and I decided to continue as a trio this year. Setting off early, we drove to the new field location with Ri while the others studied their lessons. I chose a simple dress (last year’s was all custom). And we thought that a weekday was ideal to avoid the crowds of bouquet pickers and photographers. Despite the early hour (we were nearly an hour earlier than the gates opened), there were dozens of visitors entering with us.w IMG0163

The heat had taken its toll on the flowers, many of which were wilting, their petals dangling sadly from sunburned stems. Ri picked her own basket to carry her blooms and wandered the rows apparently in search of the saddest looking florals of the field. And she didn’t want them in her basket, choosing instead to twirl around with her selections as they withered further in her grip and petals floated to the dirt.

w IMG0418w IMG0448
Diva knew I hoped to take her portraits. She averted her gaze, turned her head, and sashayed away from me. As the sun’s shine increased, we began a game of chase, coaxing her down the paths between flowers. I underestimated her speed and agilty and she reached me quickly (often before I could snap a shot). Somehow, though, we got a few portraits and laughed a lot.

Ri also picked a sweet pair of clogs and stomped around the wooden platform . Finding a song on the wind, she swayed, and created a wave from her arms to her hands and back.

By this time, the sun had made its climb and the heat was beating down on us. We left without a bouquet, having found it hard to find a new bloom. But pictures? Somehow we got the shots.

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