The familiar chuckle of excitement greets me from the second floor. Feet scurry across rug. She meets me at the landing. Hugs me, laughs as I kiss her hello. She takes my fingers in her hand, tugs me as she walks toward the stairs. I hesitate,  she looks at me and smiles, tugs a bit more anxiously.  As we climb, I ask: “Where are we going?” She replies. “Want night nights.” She guides me into my room, releasing my hand and patting the bed. “Baby. Want nighties?” It’s a question missing the can I have it now. She pouts when i dont come closer. “Nighties,” she repeats, climbing onto the bed.  I lay down and she presses into me, gently lifting my shirt.  Within minutes, shes asleep, gripping my shirt in her hands and laying her leg on top of mine.

I wonder how she’ll greet me when she’s finally weened.

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