National Poetry Month 2015, Week 2

April 6 Fail…
April 7 Fail. Again.
Is repetition of nothing a poem?

April 8
twisted my days
tangled them in my head
wrang out the calendar
and dripped out my schedule completely askew

April 9
Fervor of activity just before 815
Nevermind quiet bed time rituals
It’s the quarter hour wind up
Before quitting the day
Chuckles, guffaws, giggles
Rebounding against the walls
Four happy children
“Your fingers are crossed, your toes… your brain… the truth is a lie.”
I easedrop on their sibling nonsense

April 10
Um… are you still participating?

April 11
Under the spot light, these child stars (and children of stars)
grow up with constant scrutiny….
Trying to make their own shine
despite the glare of flash bulbs
can’t imagine trying to be
an individual
( in a world of imitation )
It costs more to be eccentric
To be rare
Are you willing to pay?

April 12
Kinky, curly
Uncertain locks
A crown upon her head?
A mark against her beauty?
Sometimes straight, sometimes course —
Refusing to be tamed
Unapologetic display of ethnicity

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