A little bit vintage (backdrops and studio shots)

This winter was a testy one. Though it never seems to be wintery enough for a “White Christmas,” we always seem to have these spurts of bitter cold followed by unpredictable rain, sleet, hail and snow. And no, the mail man does not cease to deliver despite delays. The weather makes for shooting outdoors a bit… painful. I nearly froze trying to shoot a playoff game during football season. And my “models” – aka kids – are even less appeasing to Mommy’s “hey, let’s go shooting” whims when it is freezing. Trust, I don’t blame them, but the urge is real sometimes.

w IMG0982 w IMG-0815 w IMG0779

w IMG0074 fairy w IMG0172Last year’s taxes paid for a light kit – one of the cheaper ones with three lights, a collapsible stand, and two “drops” in white and black thin cloth. The kids (or dog, or nobody, or somebody else) knocked the one un-umbrella’d light over. The light bulb shattered. The casing that holds the light bulb broke, too (something with the adapter ring now being a free moving metal piece and not a stationary, useful one). Nevertheless, the two remaining lights pack a bit of power, so I’m not upset [anymore].
As soon as the weather turned foul, I started buying backdrops from a wholesaler. THEY TAKE FOREVER to arrive and come folded up. The creases (oh, the creases!) are a PhotoShop nightmare. We know Rachelle does not iron. And, I’m afraid the ultra thin vinyl things are going to melt or, worse, bleed. Anyway, they are great “fixes” for moving away from my preferred white drop [read: off white bed throw], and they’ve become the staple feature in my most recent fashion shoots of Ri.
w IMG0090 fairy
w IMG0197 w IMG0301 w IMG0211

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