It was good

Weekend love, got a case of weekend love!

My girls Apr '14I miss it and it just ended.  Ever had one of those weekends?  The weather – though sporadically dampened – was beautiful.

Early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets.

Bugs and flowers abundant.

People – finally released from the confines of their houses – frequenting outdoors as oasis.

A little incident where I learned what it means to get a tick off quick and in a hurry almost hampered our spirits, but I assure you that no matter what Chi says, I was quite calm.  I felt the little bugger on my neck, he moved to my fingers as I swatted at the tingling flesh, and I flung him away.  Then I realized he was still in the car and therefore, still a threat that I couldn’t find.  Mind you, I was driving, so though I squealed and glanced back and forth to his assumed landing spot, there wasn’t much I could do to hunt him down.  Luckily, I spotted him climbing the passenger seat (and likely plotting how he’d get back to his target). I pulled into a gas station, jumped out of the van, and walked to the passenger side to remove the tick from my life for good.  I scrapped him up with a map and shucked the whole thing (him inside) out the vehicle.  Then, because I didn’t want to set a bad example by littering, I carefully picked up the map and tossed it in a nearby trash can.  I released the breathe I’d been holding since I saw him walking up the chair, and climbed back into the car to head to our destination.

Ri has been picking up steady bookings, and thus 10k Words Photography’s only steady client has been on schedule almost everyday (mood-pending, of course).  We’re not treating these “sessions” like business.  Nope, this is our opportunity to have fun and to pretend and explore.  I love this time.

Sometimes all the kids venture out with us, but most often I have one of the olders and maybe a younger.  Rarely will I have the entire entourage of five children.  That, let me assure you, would be incredibly stressful.  Why?  One goes this way, one goes that, and then littlest trails behind thinking she’s missing some amazing activity by hanging with Mom and the third eye, Cam.

run!blow this

who me?ahhhh


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