Pusherman: the affair

The pusher man comes offering sweets
Dreams of pleasure? He makes guarantee.
Try this, he coos between kisses.
And gives a sample of himself.
Like poison, it spreads within her.
Traveling through veins with malicious intent.
Pusher man’s not a faithful one -gives freely much more than expected.
And she, his latest unknown casualty,
unable to ward off deadly deceit.

Inspired by the Six Word Fridays meme prompt “push”

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  1. Hello Rachelle,
    I am with you today, doing a six word Friday.
    Your poem reminds me of my years working as an acupuncturist in a drug recovery program in inner city Baltimore. What messes the pusher man left in his wake from addiction to STD’s. But really, haven’t all of us taken in some form of poison from the pusher man -from drugs to poisonous words to false hopes to false pathways? The task then, is to push towards the light no matter how faint, huh? It’s the only thing that ever helped me. Thank you for your powerful offering.

  2. I really enjoyed this take on “push”.

    Visiting from Six word Fridays.

  3. wow! what a powerful message. Well written.

  4. such a strong image comes to my mind with these words – powerful indeed.

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